Something to Make You Smile!

Balloons...from oh, hello, friend collections...

Have a happy, fun-filled weekend!!

photo credits: Oh, hello, friend


24 Corners said…
Lynn, I've never seen ballons used like this...they're so colorful, they look like candy...jelly beans actually!

Thanks for stopping by 24...nice surprise! Have a great weekend...

(I've always loved your shop by the way...I'm so looking forward to being able to purchase something other that "house building parts" in the very near future, it's been a while)
FrenchBlue said…
Oh Oh ohhhh!! This really does make me smile right now! Not later! Have a smiley happy weekend!!
I love these pictures! A happy weekend to you, too!

I tell you what, Lynn. Balloons do have a way of making me feel happy. As I scrolled down, I could feel a smile appearing on my face.
Enjoy your weekend as well. XXXX
Unknown said…
big big smile- how wonderful and happy-


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