Whatever Your Plans Are...


Or night...

Have a fabulous weekend!


sometimes i think it would be fun to live out of a camper like this... just for a while. have a great weekend!
I have always dreamed of having a sweet little bambi airstream to redo and travel with..

Have a great weekend!
Cathi said…
I would love to camp on the beach like that! Have a fabulous weekend! xxoo :)
vicki archer said…
They are gorgeous....especially by night. Happy weekend Lynn....xv
Eleanor said…
omg. that night time one looks deadly. seriously want to be there right now... although - there's prob no internet. :( haha xxxx http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com
Anonymous said…
cuteness. i'll go for both. what a fun time to live there for a few days/nights.
Karena said…
Adorable images, love yout blog!Have a great weekend.

I have a giveaway on my site!

Art by Karena
Fiona Cartolina said…
That top picture is fantastic - I'd love to have that trailer !
You know it is little shorts posts like this that make you smile. I just love those things... Makes me wonder who's Constance????Thanks this was Very cute! Maryanne :)
Hi Lynn! I have been having fun exploring your wonderful blog...I have to say that I must agree with you regarding the whole aesthetic thing!!! I'm off to explore it more before calling it a night!
P.S. I just love, love, love these caravan/trailers and their settings...my dad had an airstream when we were young but gave it up once we were all grown...we used to take it from southern cali to northern wisc...every summer...a frugal luxury to be sure...wish he had it still...good night.

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