What Type are You?

This is the most fun interactive quiz from Pentagram that determines what kind of font or type (face) best matches you.

Based a four step process of personality questions, it takes all of 4 minutes of your time, and you'll get quite a chuckle!

After answering the therapist's impatient questions, it was revealed that I am "Architype Van Doesburg." I'm not particularly fond of this typeface, but who can question the therapist?

Click on this link to find out yours!


Uncle Beefy said…
I was Cooper Black Italic... "someone happy with my life and my love handles". Nice. Thanks. ;)

ps - Did you notice the wooden hand model in the back is positioned so it's flipping you off? Seriously... every shot. LOL!
La Dolfina said…
Hi Lynn,
I wanted to stop over and thank you for the anniversary comment you left over the weekend. You're the best!!!
lisa golightly said…
I was Cooper Black Italic ... not my favorite either, but clearly I am in good company !
Love handles ? Happy ? I don't think so ! Fun test Lynn ... thank you !
Going back over to see "the hand" ... hmmm
I did this a while ago via someone elses blog but have forgotten what type I was !!!! I am going to do it again now, Lynn. XXXX
Anonymous said…
I have no idea how to answer those questions; my only stock answer to every one is "it depends!"

But what I want to know is: Lynn, how did you manage to get the pictures posted? There is some trick I don't know...I was not able to get image file property out of those pages - they are Flash, right?
Torch Lake Prep said…
How fun was that....I too am Van Doesburg. Don't like the font, but like how he described what it represents.
Unknown said…
that is so cool- I am Pistilli Roman -we have 3 of the 4 anwers the same...


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