The Mystery of the Floating Bed

Much thanks to Roséline at This is Glamorous for identifying the talent behind the beautiful floating canopy bed image that I posted this past weekend. I had stumbled upon the image on the web, but was mystified as to who the photographer was. I searched and searched with no avail. No photo credit was given to this talented artist {that's a topic I'll cover later}. In any event, Roséline was a great help with my endless search.

The artist is Vincent Olinet. French, but of course. The work is titled, "Pas encore mon histoire," and is an installation piece from the Lauren Godin Gallery in Paris.

I've located a French design blog that details this unique installation and have done my best to translate it into English. Follow along and enjoy the lovely photos and story behind them!

"Pas encore mon histoire," 2007
Floating bed, installation by Vincent Olinet
Presented by Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris
2009 in the Tuileries

A bed canopy floats elegantly over the basin. As it sails delicately, the cushions call for a romantic girl. A fairytale that appeals to little girls who love stories about beautiful Princesses in danger to be rescued by a Prince Charming.

Upon closer inspection the seemingly pristine bed reveals its yellowed blue and white veils. There are slight tears in the muslin and gold swags from heavy rain. The wonderful yields to the blows of reality and the nightmare is not far. The bed is a crumbling fairytale. The Princess is missing and Prince Charming is not coming.

Vincent Olinet anchored his four-poster bed in the Exedra north of the Tuileries Gardens. Pushed by the wind, the ghost ship drifted a few inches into the basin. Ducks climbed onto the bypass or white sheets at the risk of soiling. The bed was flanked by statues inspired by classical Greek mythology: on one side, Venus Callipyge (Aphrodite), the other Apollo chasing Daphne.

The time for fairy tales are over. Visitors gazed at the facility with pleasure, attracted by the sweetness of the first installation.


Beautiful, beautiful and sort of sad in a way too. What a good researcher you are Lynn. Thank you for sharing and I had not seen this installation before, leave it to you to zoom in on this lovely story and artist. Much love and enjoy the holiday weekend. XO
such a beautiful post, lynn! and that top image is beyond stunning -- so happy was able to help out xo
Shannon Fricke said…
what a fabulous post Lynn. So inspirational.
highheeledlife said…
great post ... that bed is just lovely!! HHL
montronix said…
i've been following this blog for years, i think, now...and i still love it. i always make time to check it out, even when i was editing 7 magazines!

thanks so much. love it!

Unknown said…
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