Mulberry for Target: No April Fool!

I just heard that Target is collaborating with the English luxury designer, Mulberry, for a new Fall line of handbags available in October. This is not a joke like my "Chanel for Target" April Fool!

Wouldn't it be nice if the bags were leather, not "pleather?"


24 Corners said…
I've just discovered your blog...a big ahhhh! I will keep my eyes open in October for the bags and I won't tell about the... shhh "plether", if you won't! ;)

xo Jessica~
Di Overton said…
Just popping in to say hello. I'm not dead, just busy. Normal service will resume as soon as possible :)
You almost had me thinking you were "fooling
around again Lynn! Not a bad looking bag, but if it is pleather.......forget it. It just look good on me -lol!

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