Carleton Varney on HSN

Carleton Varney, the legendary decorator & President/CEO of Dorothy Draper & Co., is making his first live appearance on the Home Shopping Network tomorrow with his new line of bedding and rugs. Fellow blogger, Jennifer at the Peak of Chic, is heading out there to peek behind the scenes and meet Varney in person! Can't wait to hear what she reports back!

I'm looking forward to hearing Varney talk about his new line, as well as seeing what he has created. Hmmm...will it be of high quality as we hope? Check HSN for a complete schedule.

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Fingers-crossed the standards remain high!
I am not even sure if I have the HSN (you know us Canadians) but I will be trying to find it! I love seeing celebrity designers hawk their wares like the rest of us! Have a great weekend.

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