Estate Sale Friday

I headed out early this morning to attend an estate sale in the Sea Cliff area of San Francisco, eventually heading down the Peninsula to hit a few more...

Meet Bob. Bob is in charge of letting people into the house. You want to be Bob's friend. You want to get into that house ASAP and find the goodies before someone else beats you to the punch! Usually estate liquidators only let in about 20 people, and as they exit, more are let in. The houses are not large and they get crowded. It's best to arrive several hours early to get a good spot in line.

Meet Ernie. He is a veteran of estate sales. Ernie's the friendly guy that shows you the jewelry in the cases, and more importantly, rings up your purchases, so you can be on your way. We love Ernie.

Anything on the table of interest to you?

Perhaps a pair of chairs?

I purchased this unique iron lion's head embosser. Really nice in person.

I also bought this very old award ribbon "For Valor." Love old ribbons. In addition, a couple of books and some jewelry. Other than that, a few odds and ends at the other estates. Didn't find any "jaw-dropping" furniture or lighting today. Well, that's the nature of this biz!

Thanks for joining me in my "estate sale" travels. Wishing you all a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


vicki archer said…
Looks like fun Lynn...Have a wonderful weekend, xv.
Lucys Lounge said…
hi i was just wondering if you are selling the for valor ribbon i love it. do you have others for sale . we don't have this style in ireland. thank you for telling what an estate sale is like we don't have these over here and i always wondered. sorry for bothering you if you aren't selling d
Lucyslounge--thanks for your comments! Will be selling the valor ribbon. Please e-mail me for info. Thanks! Lynn
I love the embosser! I'd love to go to your store if I'm ever in the area Lynn, you have such timeless pieces.
FrenchBlue said…
Uh uh uh... Why didn't you get those beaded sconces?!?!?!? Were off to see the new Woody Alan movie~ Call me later not now~~
I LOVE your great finds...i spent the morning at an estate sale too!!! What a geat way to spend the morning :)
Anonymous said…
The blue and white table is just great. Those sorts of sales are always so fun.
Unknown said…
Hi Lynn,
I love your Fridays! Great post :) That ribbon is too fantastic!
Anonymous said…
Ah, if I only could drive - all the estate sale agents in tri-state would've known me by sight...

From the table: was it a porcelain (or possibly white-enameled cast iron) multiple napkin-holder? Looks lovely for a breakfast table.

Lynn, can you explain what the embosser does? Is it for hand-embossing the freshly-painted walls? Or maybe fabrics? Or is it used for paper arts?
creakypavillion - thanks for your comments. Actually the embossers were for paper/letterhead. This one is from an insurance company.
Anonymous said…
So, Lynn, if the lady from Ireland buys the Valor ribbon my cousin Peggy from my mom's side is going over there any day now to see cousins; maybe she can deliver it for you! I was so impressed that lady from Ireland picked up on that so fast; how interesting! Cousin Norma

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