Pink & Green

Yesterday's post about Dorothy Draper's Greenbrier got me thinking about how much I love green and pink. It's such a cheerful color combo, so I thought I'd share some favorite photos that I found online. Have a great weekend!

I drive a pepper white and black Mini Cooper, but find myself loving these pink Minis!

but of course, pink & green cupcakes & candy...

This Tony Duquette-style foyer has painted walls, a fun gilt tree console and twig mirror. What an interesting combo.

Such a soothing color palette for a room...

1959 laminate kitchen...

The Beverly Hills Hotel is my absolute favorite. They use the green and pink color combination and it's classic and fabulous...

How about a root beer float at the legendary Fountain Room in the Beverly Hills Hotel? I love sitting at the counter and watching the old Hollywood regulars. Great to people watch. Note the signature banana leaf wallpaper.

I can't leave the Beverly Hills Hotel without pillaging the gift shop for green & pink goodies. They carry everything from pink dog bowls & beds, to little mint tins & candles.

Love this photo. Do you think they're freinds?

If you need a pink and green fix, visit these blogs too!

Pink and Green Scene: Erin searches the web daily to find bedding, apparel & home decor, all in pink and green!

Pink Martinis & Pearls: This SoCal gal loves to entertain, cook, write and finds comfort in the pink and green world of tradition with a twist of her own.

photo credits: 1. Victoria Barracks, Dave Melbourne - Flickr 2. flowers - Laura Hewings -Flickr, 3-4. Mini Coopers- Google search, 5-6. wedding cupcakes, candy topiary- blisstree, 7. Chinoiserie Foyer, Well Appointed House 8-9. Traditional Home. 10. 1959 kitchen, Retro Renovation. 11-13. Beverly Hills Hotel 14. Ms. Green & Mrs. Pink - Brennheit Bakst - Flickr. 15. Pink Fairy Shoes - The Nostalgia Fairy - Flickr.


These are fantastic images! Cheerful indeed! I've always wanted to visit the Beverly Hills Hotel. Now even more! The 2 images of the living rooms are my fav. So pretty and feminine!

Thanks for the link-love! Have a great weekend! :)
Stephanie said…
It really is a cheerful combination isn't it? The beverly hills hotel looks so pretty and glamorous.
Kelly said…
I love these pictures! Pink and green (specifically blush and grass green) were my wedding, yes, I am a big fan! Thank you for sharing.
Gaia said…
The post was dedicated to me? I enchanted from the first one, is it real?

what about the rest? Pink and green are perfect to me (

and the mini...look at this:

Have a nice weekend!
This is some serious pink and green fun! Now I'll want to wrap that way all night....I'm very impressionable you know.My next car is going to be a mini Cooper, I love that car. Have a great weekend and thanks for the pink fun.
a. said…
You know I love pink & green!

GREAT pictures as always :-)
Gaia: yes, the first photo is real. I believe it's in Australia. The photo credit is at the bottom of the post. I looked at your blog. Amazing that you also posted about pink Minis and pink & green!

Sande: Start wrapping now and share photos please! I'd love to post them! And yes, I adore my Mini. It's a great little car in SF where there are no parking spaces!
poppy! said…
lovely post! :)
have a nice weekend!
Mélanie said…
Gorgeous. Love this combo. One year ago, we had a pink and green party in my shop , it looked great
red ticking said…
great post...glad i found your blog... have a nice weekend... pam
Unknown said…
All terrific, cannot believe I am admitting this, I want that pink car!!
Love these. How cheerful!!!!!
Di Overton said…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE pink and green. So much so that my bedroom is in those exact colours.

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