Cocktails Anyone?

Doing some entertaining this summer? What about using some snazzy vintage glass swizzle sticks to give your drinks "a swanky punch of style"?

above: vintage glass swizzle sticks from the famous El Morocco in Manhattan, available here

Special thanks to Lizzie Garrett at Design Watcher for including Paris Hotel Boutique in her recent article in Bon Appetit magazine! Pick up the August issue on newsstands now or check out the story here.

photos courtesy of Bon Appetit magazine


Unknown said…
Hi Lynn!
Congrats on the article!!! :) Could you just imagine the soirees these vintage swizzlers have seen!?! What a fun idea to have these. I love always! Have a wonderful holiday weekend :)
a. said…

Hope you have a great 4th!
Thanks Judith and Alyssa!
FrenchBlue said…
Wow!! Very very cool Lynn!! Congratulations on the article in aon Appitet! Your Romantic Homes artile will be out this month too!!!
Have a fun weekend! I wish we could celebrate together~
Y e A !

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