Casting Call!

Porter (above) all dressed up for casting

Anyone a fan of AMC's Mad Men? Well, AMC and Banana Republic are holding a cyber casting call for a walk-on role on the show, and fellow blogger/photographer, Porter Hovey wants to win badly! The stylish Porter is currently in second place! Doesn't she look amazing? Totally deserving of this.

To vote for Porter, click on this link, and under Porter's photo, click on the 5th star. Walla!



This is so, so nice!!!!!!! Thank you!
Pleasure. I finally figured out how to vote. Hope she wins...definitely the most stylish!!
porter hovey said…
Wow! Thank you soo much!! I'm soo excited!! We just have to keep voting and keeping our fingers crossed!!
Porter, you're going to win...I just know it!!
a. said…
My neighbors daughter will be on this season - so exciting!!!
Unknown said…
she does look amazing- put a link on my blog to yours regarding the blue chandelier- thanks for ok -so love your blog!
Stephanie said…
I voted! She looks like a natural for the part.
Unknown said…
your store inspired today's post on my blog! check it out...and thank you for the inspiration!
Anonymous said…
Voting: done [and you're right: Porter is the best there]
Linking on my blog: done.

Thanks for telling us about this exciting opportunity.

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