So Many Choices!

Yesterday morning I woke up to my long list of favorite blogs in my Google Reader. Seems my "favorite reads" keep growing and growing and growing. One blog leads you to another great one, and so on. You know the story. It's sensory overload! So much to read and absorb, so many wonderful stories, images...hardly time to leave comments.

I would have completely missed these whimsical paintings (yes, paintings!) by artist, Will Cotton, via Lisa Golightly's blog, had I not spent a great portion of the day going through each blog on my list, careful not to miss a thing -- something I usually don't have the luxury of.

With the millions of wonderful blogs in the "blogosphere," how do we edit our selections with so many favorites? How do we juggle blogging with our jobs? Do any of you have the same issues?

Friends, please stop coming up with these incredible blogs!!

photo credit Will Cotton


Michelle Marie said…
Those paintings are simply delicious! I'm craving peppermint big time now :)
FrenchBlue said…
Looks so yummy and sticky~ Great images!!
ana said…
I feel exactly like you, every blog I like either I have it on my blogroll or I follow them...
I struggle, too. Between work and kids and everything in between, as well as updating my own blog, I have such a hard time finding the time to stay on top of all the blogs I so dearly love!

I've thought I've scheduling a day and time each week for blog reading, but does that take all the fun out of it??

If you come up with any creative strategies, let me know!

Yes, there is a lot of 'eye candy' out there to behold!
Oh, it's so difficult, isn't it and then I forget some people and feel awful but it takes nearly all day to write your post, comment on those who have commented on yours then go and comment on all the others....blogging is a full time job !!!! these paintings especially the first one. XXXX
This is why I love to follow blogs....where else would I see photos like this that are so lovely and creative?
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi There. That 1st pic is so much fun. I know how you feel about the blogging adventure. I've always been a bit of a workaholic and finally found something that takes my mind away from work. Problem is ... now a blogaholic. Help needed. Julie
Unknown said…
but yours top the list of incredible blogs and again you do not dissapoint! Cannot believe those are paintings!!
Trouvais said…
Hi Lynn...(LOVE that slate in perfectly with that post on metal finishes. Thank you!) Yes...way too many blogs...but it's an absolutely wonderful dilemma! Such great creativity out there!
Anonymous said…
I too have one too many blogs I find dear! Love the pics you posted :)
Heartbeatoz said…
I know exactly how you feel there are so many beautiful blogs out there and they have links to even more, Julie@beingRUBY said it we are blogaholics oh well at least its a delightful addiction.
Di Overton said…
What a wonderful way to hide untidy hair ;)
Thanks all for your comments. Glad to know that I'm not the only one with a blogging addiction and dilemma!

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