New Arrivals at Paris Hotel Boutique!

Today we're celebrating Bastille Day with an array of new arrivals. Please check them out here. You'll find many items from France!

And to our French friends... Bonne Fête !


Beautiful new things...I'm very drawn to that gorgeous ring!
FrenchBlue said…
You make hunting easy for me~ Love all the new items bff~ Great eye as always!
C. Anne said…
Quatorze Juillet...I always end up in Paris a few days before or after but never in time to see the actual celebrations. This year is no exception, I'll be there a week late, encore!
I can tell you are a really good shopper, we must go shopping one day! Great Paris celebration photo.
Unknown said…
oh, the crown/ tiata is Tre Manufique ( a quess at spelling)!
Di Overton said…
Fabulous - as ever
So beautiful! That ring is gorgeous.

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