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I'm sure we all remember when we first saw flash/splash animation intros on websites. It was so much fun to watch these animated 'openings.'

With so many websites to view these days, I'm finding that I want to skip the intros and get right to the site. Which leads me to this dilemma. Paris Hotel Boutique has been online since 2002. We have the above intro which moves pretty quickly. The purpose was to view the exterior of the hotel, door opens, and you enter the boutique.

If you're familiar with my site, you've seen it before. If not, please take a look here.

My question to you readers, should I keep the intro page, or remove it and get right to the boutique? Please leave a comment and/or vote on the poll (top right). Your input is greatly appreciated since you're the ones that support my site!


FrenchBlue said…
I CAN'T BELIEVE you would even ask this question or consider removing this! THIS is what makes a site UNIQUE and gives it personality! KEEP IT!!
What the heck is wrong with you???
Thanks Missy...
Stephanie said…
I like it. It really does look like a paris hotel entrance and lends to the whole experience.
Like you, I like to get right to the page and usually choose to skip flash intros. Beautiful site.
Leave it! There is something special about feeling you are entering into a very chic Parisian hotel...and the surprise element of what awaits behind the doors!
I think it is what makes your site unique and is really memorable. I had my first page removed for a or two weeks and my bounce rate almost doubled! Needless to say, it is back. You could always do the same and remove it for a spell and analyze the numbers. Don't you LOVE google anaylytics?
Good luck,
Lucys Lounge said…
i'm so sorry to say i disagree. i have a very short attention span so even waiting a second on the internet seems ages. using the computer is complicated for me so i like everything to be simple. my broadband is so slow things like this can stagger. i'm sorry for being so negative in saying all this it is a beautiful door and i am not computer savvy.
vicki archer said…
Your site is lovely and quite quick anyway - I love it and would leave it. Those who want to skip can skip anyway. xv
Mollie D said…
It's cool and all, but I'm with Lucy- lose it. We all have the attention span of gnats, sad to say...
Unknown said…
It is really nice...but I find them annoying if I just am trying to find something quickly in a shop.
Yeah... I'd say keep it, too. I was actually initially going to (sheepishly) vote the other way, but then I clicked over to your site again, and doggone it... I like it. ;)

I remembered when my 18 year old daughter first went to you site some time back, it was what made her go "COOL! It's really like going to a hotel front!" So... that sealed it for me. Keep it. :)

How ya doing by the way?

a. said…
I love it just the way it is!
Unknown said…
Hi Lynn :) I love your site and I do love the intro, it is liking stepping into a new luxurious world, however, I am one of those who likes to get right to it. I usually open about 2 or three sites at a time because I know the intro's will take a bit, so I look at which ever opens the most quickly, first (yikes, I'm the minority here)! :) Anyway, it doesn't matter what you do to the site, I love it and stop in all of the time.
Fine Estate said…
I aggree with "Fabulous Finds Gal" test it out.

There are two potential kinds of visitors to that site: Those who know where it is, and those who don't.

Those who know where the site is will likely forgive your experiment, cuz you're fabulous.

But those who don't know you may never find you, because having an opening splash page which redirects to a main page is not always optimal for the search engines.

Your aesthetic is all over your site. Not having the splash intro won't hurt that.

A well appointed mansion is never hurt by the rearrangement of some's usually enhanced.

Making a decision like this involves taking a look at how people get to your site in the first place. If the links coming in are coming from sites using the URL of the splash page then you might have a problem. A simple redirect should take care of it...

Test and Re-Test.

Best Of Luck
Di Overton said…
It's done in Flash which prevents Google from picking it up and though it is very beautiful once you have seen it you have seen it and just want to go into the site. Maybe put an optional skip intro button on there.
Unknown said…
I agree that it is lovely and unique; it brings you to another special place, keep it as it is...
Thank you all for your comments! I appreciate you taking the time to leave them. Hmmm...what to do?
I am mixed. I love it, but probably because I know you are great. When I purchase online, I ALWAYS click on the skip the intro thing because, well, I want to browse. That said, I think yours is unique and I love it. I am no help. Don't read this.
Mindy Weiss said…
Leave is your brand
Joan said…

I love your site, and I pop by every so often to see what luscious things you have for sale. BUT I always skip the intro, probably because I have seen it and I want to leap right into "new arrivals." But alas, some of your fans who know more about how to attract first-time visitors are probably better at helping you decide what to do. There's no "wrong" answer here... your site is fabulous!

I know you didn't ask, but what I think is TRULY FANTASTIC is this blog. Your ideas, your writing, the things you feature all say a lot about you and your brand.

Your fan, Joan
Oh Joan, thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you. I really appreciate it!! Lynn
melissa davis said…
I am always DYING to rush inside...but I am also very impatient. ;)

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