Sneak Peek!

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm busy working getting ready for my mailing tomorrow. Just glued to this computer trying to add many new items to the site.

Don't you just love this lilac colored bench? I'm coveting lilac and robin's egg blue!


FrenchBlue said…
So so Beautiful! I love this!!
My mom would be head-over-heels in love with this bench!
vicki archer said…
Just gorgeous Lynn, xv.
a. said…
I can't wait to see your new finds.

Love the bench - that color is so wonderful I would just stare at it all day rather than ever sit on it!
Cyn said…
The lilac bench is the cat's meow! It's really gorgeous.
That is one fabulous bench! Makes me want to wrap in Lilac - LOL!
Jill said…
Linking to you on the 16th. Love your site!
Di Overton said…
I have just made and hung lilac silk velvet curtains in my cottage. I need that bench :)
Oh, Di, pictures please!

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