Jewelry for the Home

I've always loved turquoise, and summer makes me want to wear it and decorate with it.

You may have seen this fabulous turquoise Empire chandelier before by designer, Marjorie Skouras. Made of authentic turquoise beads draped in a classic southern style, it retails for $6,900. It may not be vintage, but I'm crazy for it!!

Check out more of Marjorie's fabulous creations and her beautiful portfolio here.


Di Overton said…
I wish my ceilings weren't so low :(
vicki archer said…
Gorgeous jewels and practical too....xv
Fargerike Dagny said…
I have been lusting for that chandelier for ages! The price tag is a little bit out of my league though ;)
Okay, I'm smitten. In my living room, I have this style of antique chandelier in crystal, but I have to say this turqouise has a sensational appearance. In the right room, it would be dynamo!
I went over and took a look, she does incredible work, her chandeliers and sconces are fabulous, especially the red coral. But the turquoise one is the best.
The prettiest thing I have ever seen!
Unknown said…
Seems we have some similar taste as I just wrote a post with that beautiful chandelier in a room setting, LOVE the close up pic!! Never knew the designer either, may I add a link to your blog?
I can only imagine having that masterpiece in my home. I'd stare at it all day!
Anonymous said…
This chandelier would be perfect as a focus point in an open shower/bathroom or any room, it's just that perfect!
Caroline said…
Gorgeous!! Love the chandelier!! That would go prefect anywhere.
Michelle Marie said…
I have a relative of that chandelier on my neck right now!! Its so beachy chic!
Jeanne Oliver said…
This piece is gorgeous and the color is perfect!!!

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