Dorothy Draper's Greenbrier

I was thrilled to see Victoria magazine's recent issue featuring a lovely spread on the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.

The Greenbrier is an award-winning resort located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia -- a National Historic Landmark with classic architecture, stunning interior design, and a beautifully sculpted landscape.

(above) The Greenbrier, "back in the day"

In 1946 Dorothy Draper arrived by train to take on a huge renovation project of the hotel. Her grand vision, "Romance and Rhododendrons" was over the top!

Now over 60 years later, The Greenbrier had a face-lift in 2007. Carleton Varney--Draper's protege, and president of Dorothy Draper and Company, oversaw most of the renovations to the tune of 50 million! This includes the delightful decorated cafe (above) with lavish plaster sconces, bright floral patterns and bold stripes. A nod to his mentor! Doesn't it look yummy?

I'd love to visit the Greenbrier-- the decor is so beautiful. And being a Draper fan, what's not to love?

Monogrammed silver flatware from the Greenbrier...

The reception hall with all the Dorothy Draper hallmarks, including the original large scale black and white checkerboard marble floor.

How can one resist the pink and green color combos? So refreshing...

This is a old postcard of the original Greenbrier's indoor pool built in 1912. It is available in a reproduction art print here. The pool was remodeled by Dorothy Draper in the 1940's.

To read more about the Greenbrier, visit their website here and be sure and pick up a copy of the July/August issue of Victoria magazine. It's a beautiful spread!

photos from the Greenbrier & Victoria magazine


Sanity Fair said…
I loved this!!! Posted about this too - I'm really glad to see bloggers doing stuff on Victoria. One of my favorite magazines - I really want them to make it.

I love the second shot - the entire wall with a "drawn on" frame. So fanciful. If any other designer did this, it would look a bit insane - still does, but Draper pulls it off. Did you know they sold some of the original furniture? A shame- I saw it up on a few websites. Worth getting your hands on. The only hotel re-sale worth getting :)
Sanity, thanks for your comments. Yes, Victoria is a classic. So glad it came back and think it is here to stay. Crossing my fingers...

Yes, nothing like Dorothy Draper to pull that look off. I do remember the auction. I wanted to attend so badly and even placed some absentee bids, but people got really passionate and things went for pretty high if I remember correctly.

Take care! :)
Stephanie said…
I need to get a subscription to Victoria. I read a book by Draper and was enchanted.
Sandra Evertson said…
Just Fabulous and absolutely enchanting!
Sandra Evertson
It's absolutely fascinating! What a look and would love to go see this, it would be a great road trip...soon. Thanks for reminding me about this. Love it.
Anonymous said…
I, too, was thrilled when I opened my Victoria and saw this article~~she was the Queen of Interior Decorating and had such a unique flair and talent. The Greenbrier looks amazing, a lot like the Newport mansions here on the East Coast. So dreamy, imagine throwing a Great Gatsby themed party there?!

FrenchBlue said…
THIS should be our next trip FOR SURE! Wanna go? Now not later? Uh Uh Uhhhhhh UH!!
Unknown said…
What a beautful and gorgeous place to dream for a while! I never knew of it & now I want to go! It's beautiful and Draper has long been a favorite of mine. The colors and the grandness of it all!
Austin Modern said…
I love the fab Ms D! She was a classic and a pioneer! Every time we bring a Dorothy D piece into the store, it's usually the first to sell! Classic, fun, refreshing and of lasting quality.
Even a beat up DD piece beats most newer peices in terms of style and design.

Great article!
Laura Jane said…
i found you via a facebook link that my friend heather posted and i was SO HAPPY to see a post about the greenbrier!! i spent many nights there as a child as my father did consulting work for the resort and we would all tag along on his business trips. it is truly the most magical, romantic, polished, gorgeous establishment i have ever visited. the interiors are stunning. thanks for posting all the great photos!...and your shop is WONDERFUL!!
Anonymous said…
I had the good fortune to vist the Greenbrier in the early sixties. It looked gigantic to me, really overwhelming. I have yet to see anything to compare it with.
I loved stumbling on your blog when doing research on Dorothy Draper! Love your photos (and your blog)...I put a link on my post on the Greenbrier after a recent trip there:

Can't wait to read more!

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