Ahhh...Luxury Gifts

I flipped when I saw these custom-made Goyard trunks specially for made for Assouline. Each trunk houses 100 of Assouline's signature Memoire books on art, fashion, design and architecture.
Price tag: $20,000
(now that's not too much for a decadent holiday gift, right? What recession?)
I wouldn't mind one in white with the red and navy stripes...and all of those books...simply gorgeous...

What? Oh my...a quilted black leather Chanel luxe slipcase adorned with a metal Chanel logo, produced exclusively for Assouline by Chanel. The slipcase includes 3 memoires celebrating her revolutionary style: Chanel Fashion, Chanel Fine Jewelry, and Chanel Perfume. price tag: $550 (a girl can dream, right?)

You can check out all of Assouline's fabulous books & gift items here.

photos from assouline.com


a. said…
We were always competing with them when I worked in publishing. My boss hated them & said the quality was horrible, etc. Great pics & concepts but no content. I do think they've gotten a lot better over the years :)
a. What publisher? Nosy me...
Stephanie said…
I'm not even going to let my mind go there. They are beautiful.
You always find the most wonderful things!
Unknown said…
no, I think that is a reasonable gift for Christmas but then I just finished watching the movie Great Gatsby- hehe.
I started Workspace Wednesdays, come check it out..

C. Anne said…
I like the Chanel memoirs, if they start selling organisers or journals in this style like the ones Louis Vuitton does it would make fantastic gifts as well! Steamer trunks...ahh it always brings to mind the romantic notion of travel that seems to be permanently lost with all the security measures now,how sad.
These are all to die for! You'd be a hero giving any of them and faint if you received one!
Heather said…
Wow. I'm drooling over those filled $20,000 trunks. Lovely. If you get duplicates for the holidays I'll pay for shipping and you can send the extras my way!
vicki archer said…
Incredible and divine...I want them all!! xv

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