Who Says You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover?

Jennifer at the Peak of Chic has a wonderful series on her blog where she features people's favorite books. I was thrilled when she contacted me about featuring mine. She had an inkling that I'm drawn to books by their cover art. She's right!

I'm delighted to be featured in her blog post today. You can check it out here. Thanks so much Jennifer. I so appreciate it!


It was I who loved it!!! What great book covers. You've got a great eye Lynn!
Wow, Lyn...they look great. I don't like animal print when it's used for interior design or clothes so much,(that's just me) but these books are something else !!!!
Lynn these are incredibly divine! Going to read your guest post now...
A beautiful and inspiring line-up! Thanks so much Lynn!
Unknown said…
I have and love the book "I Married Adventure" also. Have never seen the other with the cool giraffe print but will be on the look out. One of my favorites is a very old beautifully illustrated mostly pink cover of Alice in Wonderland...
Erica said…
Dare I admit this....after I read this post, I obsessed about these books but couldn't buy them because of the cost. However, in my constant searching, I found both books at a seller in North Dakota and for less than $16.00 including shipping, I got both of them! I know...once in a lifetime does one find deals like that. And I almost felt guilty... but now I have them and I'm actually reading them! (I was born in Kenya.) Thank you!

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