Paris Hotel meets The Paris Apartment

Once upon a time, long long ago, there were two girls located on the opposite sides of the US, who by chance met on eBay. Paris Hotel had purchased a glistening chandelier from The Paris Apartment. One day the two were chit-chatting on the phone and The Paris Apartment Girl mentioned that she was coming to California to take photos of homes for an upcoming book. Paris Hotel Girl was very excited to meet this "faceless" person from the internet. So, The Paris Apartment went to Paris Hotel's home (in her fancy pink & aqua Paris Apartment van) and they hit it off immediately! The Paris Apartment took lots and lots of photos of Paris Hotel's home.

Fast forward 10 years or so, and Claudia (The Paris Apartment) and I are still friends. Claudia never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday she blogged about my home and included some of the old photos that she had taken all of those years ago. I had never seen them. Oh my, she floored me. Claudia has nothing but generosity to spread around. Aside from being a trendsetter in the design world, more importantly, she is a kind and selfless person with a huge heart. A person you definitely want to know.

Thanks Claudia for the lovely post, which you can read here. Please do visit her website and blog. And congrats to Claudia for her recent spread in Travel & Leisure magazine!

first photo: Lisa Kettell
#2 & 3 - The Paris Apartment


vicki archer said…
Totally fabulous your style, xv.
Two wonderfully, talented ladies... no wonder you two Paris women hit it off. I can't get enough of your photos, Lynn. I agree with Claudia in her last post: You should do a book. I'd come to the signing and spread the word too.
Gorgeous photographs and all taken by your fair hand.....I'm feeling pretty stupid right now. Have been reading a few blogs and they are either deep and meaningful or clever working women with work related issues, like you and I've just done a post on BLOODY FAIRIES !!!! Te He. I can't get over how brilliant it is that you and Claudia met on ebay and are now good fiends...brilliant. XXXX
Thanks girls. Jacqueline, your post on Fairies is BRILLIANT! The most fun post I've read today!!
FrenchBlue said…
When good friends meet it's like going home and baking a cake! Congratuations to Claudia and Y O U for all you do!!
Love you both more than the stars!
lisa golightly said…
Lynn, Claudia and I both agree that you have the perfect last name ... you ARE GOLDen !!! Lovin that picture of the 2 girls
Unknown said…
Lynn, what a wonderful post. I've never met Claudia in person but have emailed back and forth and she really is a thoughtful selfless person. Forget about her design genius the girl is amazing!!!Great post! I can't wait to pop over there to see her post as well!
What a love-fest! All the friends who've left comments here are equally talented and beyond selfless! We have to have a blogger's rendezvous. Lynn, I'm volunteering that it be at your house. We'll all bring something and can serve it on your hotel silver! We'll hire someone to clean up, don't worry!
I was tickled pink when I saw your debut on Claudia's blog! Stunning home, but of course, I'm not surprised!

ovelhadog said…
Nice... ;)
What a great story :)
Unknown said…
what a wonderful picture to sum up a friendship of 2 incredibly talented woman, Great pics...

Cherie said…
A stupendous meeting of the "minds" ... what a fantabulous combination you two are ... methinks something should be brewing ... ;)
Leigh Chandler said…
I'm so happy to have been introduced to your lovely blog and store via The Paris Apartment! How amazingly talented you are. No wonder you and Claudia hit it off immediately - I cannot imagine anyone meeting her that is not instantly in love with her! You must be just as wonderful...
Heather said…
Oh Hooray for good friends and new blogs! I'm so glad you shared!

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