Behind the Scenes at PHB

Having an online shop is challenging, since you usually don't get to meet your customers face-to-face. I like to make each purchase extra-special & personalized by using pretty tissue, labels, ribbons, etc. You certainly wouldn't want to receive your package wrapped in newspaper!

Meet my assistant Dianna. Dianna has worked for Paris Hotel Boutique for 4 years now. Dianna is the gal behind the scenes who makes everything look pretty. And she's pretty cool too, but I'll get to that later...

Being surrounded by antiques sounds pretty glamorous. It's not. Our packing station is filled with ribbons and notions, but there are loads of boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap--you name it. Constantly a state of chaos. (not sharing those photos for sure).

Back to Dianna. She is a loyal, hard-working gal that I'm thrilled to work with. Not only does she help pack those pretty packages you receive, she's a multi-tasker and keeps things rolling along. Need ink refills? Dianna. Silver polished? Dianna. Post office runs? Dianna. You didn't actually think I did all of this myself, did you?

Dianna has an interesting background from working for Senator Dianne Feinstein & author, Danielle Steele, to being a mover and shaker in the music industry. Dianna manages one band and two artists. How does she balance being a Mom and having two jobs? Good question. I have trouble handling one job.

Dianna with Thriving Ivory at Alice Radio Station

You may have heard of Dianna's artists; Thriving Ivory, a piano-driven pop rock band that has topped the charts with their single, "Angels on the Moon." Rykarda Parasol plays "rock noir" that evokes moody atmospheres and gin-drenched romanticism. Elliot Randall, a country-rock troubadour, known for his unique songwriting.

D, thanks for being my savior for the last 4 years. Couldn't do it without you!


vicki archer said…
Dianna sounds brilliant and I am sure she loves her job too. Who wouldn't - working with you and all those goodies, xv.
lisa golightly said…
Does Dianna have a sister ?
Cyn said…
What a sweet tribute to a deserving, hard working gal. I love the photo of you two at the bottom. Very cute.
Erica said…
ha! I'm supposed to be working on getting a meeting with Sen. Feinstein's office so that we can lobby her about current patent reform legislation. Instead, I decided to procrastinate a bit and read your blog. As luck would have it, you unwittingly gave me a reminder to get back to work. ;-) sigh....
Lynn, you already know this - Don't let Dianna go, ever! Finding someone with that great loyalty and work ethic is a treasure!
I could use a Diana too! What beauty, you guys must have a ball together!
Hi five to Dianna and what a lovely thought to give her recognition by doing a post and telling us all about her. She has had a very interesting working life and very diverse. Do you know, Lyn commenting and posting takes up so much time that I don't seem to have time to look at peoples on-line shops. I will rectify that, this week. I have really enjoyed reading about your hard working assistant, Dianna. XXXX
Dianna said…
Dianna here. I guess this is my 15 minutes of fame :) Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. Lynn is a great person to work for - lots of fun and such a great business woman. I've learned a ton from her.
Unknown said…
you sound blessed with an assistant like Dianne. I could really use her in my business -want to share?! I can attest to how lovely you package things as I love my French stationary I won from your generous giveaway so beautifully wrapped.

AuroraSuzette said…
Dianna sounds like a fantastic assistant, with bounless energy. I know I appreciated how nicely my roll sign was wrapped!
Ok, so now we are so jealous!!! Can Dianna be cloned...LOL
Unknown said…
Hi Lynn, What a great way to recognize such a brilliant assistant. She's a lucky gal to work with you (I'm sooo jealous of Dianna if she gets to go to the estate sales with you)! Wonderful post, I love the behind the scenes look!
Noel Solomon said…
I love this post!! And I love seeing how everything comes together. It is so important, all the little extra touches. You're making me want to receive a PHB package NOW just for the pretty packaging!

xo Noel

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