Here's Looking at You...

...Kellie Cashon. I met Kellie via my online shop. Little did I know that she was a talented interior decorator and had a fun blog that you will definitely want to follow!

Kellie's blog covers interesting topics from collecting to travel. I love her in depth post about Victorian/Edwardian eye jewelry, such as these brooches above. Do you love them or do they freak you out?

And another post about Victorian dog jewelry. Kellie bought these cufflinks as a gift for her husband, and although they've never had a boxer, her husband thought they were the coolest looking cufflinks.

Kellie blogs about auctions...

pretty tea...

and even fun-looking sushi!

I love the fact that Kellie is an avid collector and strongly encourages her clients to start their own collections. Kellie feels it is important to incorporate a mix of original art and antiques - high-end and thrift finds, as well as, modern and informal pieces. She believes that layering and juxtaposition is what makes a home interesting and distinctive. I couldn't agree more!

Beautiful dining room designed by Kellie

One of the benefits of having an online shop and blog is meeting fun and interesting people such as Kellie! Be sure and check out Kellie's blog here and her website here!

photos from Cashon and Co.


What a gorgeous and eclectic post! Kelli has so many layers, I love them all :)
The vintage eye brooches are wildly cool, I've never seen a collection like that. WOW!
Thank you so much for coming to support my new blog, you are my rock!
Lynne Rutter said…
fabulous! a woman after my own heart!
Unknown said…
Oh My Goodness! I love eye's fantastic! I can't wait to check out Kellie's blog! Thanks Lynn!!!
amber renee said…
such a well designed, inspirational blog!

it's very nice to meet you.. introducing myself to creative blogs i adore around the blogosphere -- would love to swap links or feature you! xox
Cyn said…
I love the Victorian Eye jewelry. It reminds me of the close up eye photographic series I did on my own family's eyes. I think they're cool.

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