I Can't Knock Twitter

I don't mean to trump my earlier post about the launch of Lonny magazine, but had to share this...

Yesterday I posted about Twitter and asked what you felt about it. Thanks to all for the great comments. Very well put with excellent points. Today I checked my Twitter, only to find a congratulatory "tweet" about Paris Hotel Boutique being featured in the LA Times Home section blog. Perhaps I would have found out eventually, but it took Twitter for me to get the news!

Thanks to the fabulous Lizzie Garrett for the nice spread. You can check it out here.

photos from Paris Hotel Boutique via The L.A. Times


Congratulations, Lynn on the piece in the LA Times Home Section! I'm liking Twitter at the moment myself. Happy day, tweet with you later ;)
A beautiful spread indeed! Congratulations!
XX Kate
a. said…
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Thanks to Tracie at My Petite Maison for the tweet!! http://mypetitemaison.blogspot.com/
Too right! I read about the article on Twitter, too!

Hmm... perhaps there is something to this thing called Tweeting after all... ;)

Congratulations on the media coverage!! Well deserved!

OMG! Now that's worth keeping a Twitter account for! Congrats on this amazing press, you so deserve it! We all seem to want more and more of you, hint hint!!
Congratulations! Well I guess the TWEET paid off!!! Well deserved!
I just read their post and raced right over. Great (free!) press!

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