Introducing the PHB Collection...and New Arrivals!

I'm so excited to share our "just launched" PHB Collection! Handcrafted decoupage trays and paperweights made exclusively for Paris Hotel Boutique using vintage ephemera. And...all are made in the USA.

This vintage menu is part of my personal collection. I just love it! Since there is only one, I thought it would be great to create a tray of the image for all to enjoy. And, it's great as a ring or desk tray!

This early 1900's cabinet card of a boxer was acquired in France. It's extremely large in person, which is unique for a cabinet card. I loved the image, so I had this made into a tray as well.

We've also added many new arrivals such as colorful vintage typewriters, vintage bus signs, jewelry, hotel silver and much more.


Barb said…
Hi Lynn,
Fantastic! I'm off to check them out.

I hear the weather is very nasty today, try to stay dry.

Congratulations! The trays are just marvelous - my favorite so far is the Louvre Paris receipt tray.

I've known of your store for awhile, but now I'm so happy to have found your blog, as well!
vicki archer said…
Lynn, I love your tray idea....xv
Gerri Ward said…
WOW! I am solely in love with your BLOG and BOUTIQUE!!! I see sooo many BEAUTIFUL items I want to BUY!!!
Heather said…
Very nice. Love the feel of these together and independently.
Lynn, these are great! I can't wait to check out the vintage typewriters!
You have the most brilliant and unusual items. I love everything !!!! XXXX
Loved you in the October 2009 issue of Romantic Homes; just browsed your webshop. Love the PHB paperweight. It's been added to my "wish list" for Christmas :-) I'll even note your website url so Mr. CCC won't have a difficult time finding it..LOL!
Enjoy the much needed rain,
Unknown said…
Congratulations Lynn! I'm off to look now :) I adore the menu tray! It's gorgeous!!! Best of look to you!
Unknown said…
Fabulous items! Love vintage typewritters, but I've never seen a beautiful blue one before- Love!

This collection is iNcReDiBLe!!! I love them all! You should do ALL your gorgeous book covers!
thank you, thank you, thank you! My first "line" so to speak. Lots of fun!

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