American Pickers

I just finished watching "American Pickers" on the History Channel. I missed the premiere last week. Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, a duo of antiques dealers and treasure hunters, are on a labor of love mission to recycle America's past. They dig through junk piles, abandoned barns and basements for hidden memorabilia. Kind of like the antiques roadshow, but a much funkier travel version.

I'm not quite sure if I like the show or not. Perhaps I need to see some more episodes. Has anyone seen it yet? What do you think?

I appreciate the History Channel's
new “National Treasures” programming genre in which relics belonging to everyday people tell a history of America.

American Pickers airs Monday evenings on the History Channel. Check your local station (if in the US) for times, and let me know what you think!


admin said…
I've tuned in for a couple
minutes--not impressed. I'd
rather watch people going to
yard sales! There was a show
on A&E that designed around
yard sales/flea markets/Big Lots,
but they don't show it
anymore. I think it was called
Find & Design...
I don't think that we have this one yet, Lynn. ....but, if we do get it, I'll be sure to watch it. I love any programmes like this. XXXX
Hmmm...not sure. I actually only watched the preview online. One thing I know, these are not the pickers you and I know.:)
jodieak said…
I loved the show! It's a window into the world of collectors and/or hoarders. Also it was interesting what they were interested in.
Cashon&Co said…
You know what show my husband & I love, that you would like? Pawn Stars. It's about this Pawn Shop in Vegas, where people bring in everything of course. But the surprise is, that people bring in the most interesting things, not junk. I.E., Old civil war canons, American 18th C documents, rare costumes, jewelry, you name it. It's like Antiques Roadshow with the funniest characthers. The pawn shop owner works with his grumpy ol'man (that's a quote) and his son and his slackard highschool friend Chum Chum. It's great. It's on the History Chanel. ✔ it out!
Amanda B said…
I didn't like it at all... I feel like they are kind of taking advantage of these old people... having your stuff out for sale is one thing... going on to a property to rummage through peoples things they really didn't intend to sell and make low-ball low offers is another... maybe I need to see more, but so far, I am not impressed either...
Grandma Jan said…
I seen it!! I really like it. I would like to be along with them. I thought they offer a lot of money to the owners of the junk. Like the memory jug, they gave the little lady $50.00. I would think $5.00 would have been a good price.
froogal said…
I agree with frenchgardenhouse...they don't look like any pickers I know son(who is an antiques dealer) thinks that Mike is a little bit too "slick"...also how many barns full of "good" junk do you just stumble on driving in the country...we also love Pawn Stars.
Christine in DC said…
I saw the premiere and wasn't crazy about it, but my dad also saw it and thinks they're just not into their element yet. I just thought the one guy was kind of a jerk...or comes off that way. I think it would be more interesting if they showed where some of the stuff ended up, or if they discussed how they knew something was worth whatever it was worth. It is definitely interesting to see all the stuff people have sitting around.
Unknown said…
i liked it. interesting to see their hunt. I think their approach is more "business" then love. maybe they will get better? Rachel -Dd

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