Cassia Beck Photography Giveaway!

Let's begin the New Year with a fun giveaway, shall we? It's not just any giveaway, it's the whimsical photography of U.K.-based Cassia Beck.

Cassia lives in Brighton, a bustling town by the sea. She loves all things vintage, and incorporates it into her photography, often using old cameras. Her photography is in galleries and exhibits in the U.K.

Cassie is generously offering one of her 8" x 8" unframed prints of your choice to two lucky winners! I am crazy over Cassie's photography, so I'm thrilled to be able to have this giveaway.

Here's How to Enter:

  • Check out Cassia's two Etsy shops here and here, and leave a comment below telling us which photo you would like to receive if you're the lucky winner!
  • Anyone can enter -- International readers are more than welcome!
  • 2 winners will be chosen via Random.Org
  • Winners will be selected on Wednesday, January 13th at 9:00 pm PST and announced on Thursday's post.
  • Please make sure and include your blog link or email me your contact info so that I can contact you after the giveaway.

photo credit: Cassia Beck


kimberly matus said…
I love them all but pick -New York in Paris and Sweet Cafe.
Hi there, Lynn,
How was Las Vegas ? Did you win millions ?!!
What an amazing and generous giveaway.
My favourites are,
From the Cassia Beck shop:
Tea or Coffee.(would look great in my kitchen !!)
From Lola's Room:
New Year in Paris.
Many thanks, Lynn for a great giveaway. XXXX
That's so hard! They are all incredible. I think overall I'd choose "A Love Rekindled" But I also really love "Drive in Movie" and "Parisian Weekend" as well as all of the camera collection, all of the shoes...

She's great!
I would love the cadillac photo but I also LOVE the Metropolitan photo...They're all gorgeous!!!!
Please enter me (subliminal message: pick me- pick me- pick me).
From a Fan in Park City.
William Ryals said…
I love Magnolia Falls and The End.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing Cassia Becks work. They are all so lovely! I especially like the Parisian Weekend print. I think that one is my favorite. However it is hard to choose just one.
Angela said…
what a great way to start the year by winning something.
"Just the beginning" is very inspiring.
"Camera love" Im attracted to because I collect vintage cameras as well.
I cant wait for you to pick my name.
Happy New Year!
Unknown said…
i just looked at all of her prints - lovely! my favorites are the Sweet Shops and the pink typewriter. also love the Metropolitan sign.
xoox alison
Rachelle said…
Such charming prints and so difficult to choose! I love "Glide" and the pink typwriter ("A Letter to You", I think"), too.
Unknown said…
How lovely!
A Love Affair Rekindled and Ice Cream are my picks - after pouring and pouring over them!
thank you!
Cathi said…
Did you have any luck with my number 8 in Vegas?

I love the Sweet Cafe, Tea Set and Book Lover prints - to name just a few...they are gorgeous prints!

Have a great day! xxoo
Happy New Year Lynn! You are so right - what a way to begin with such beautiful photography!

I'm in love with the magnolia images....guess I'll always be a Steel Magnolia at heart!

Lisa Vela said…
All photos seemed to speak directly to my heart I sew -am a shoe girl-have a vast button collection-love floral pix too, loved the few beach scenes I live near one. Either New Year in Paris or Sweet Shop would be my choice though. Sweet shop is my #1 choice!
Anonymous said…
They all are so lighthearted and merry, an instant "pick-me-up".

It is difficult to choose just two, but if I absolutely must, than Shelter from Cassia Shop (with a lovely picture of sun-transparent cosmea flower) and Parisian weekend from Lola's Room (beautiful composition of diagonals and nice colorway).

Thank you, Lynn, for this introduction - Cassia's work is a ray of sunshine!
I am in love with the Vacation post card sets. They are so inspiring and I can feel the sea breeze blowing through my hair! ~Kristine
edina said…
I like the cute dog in Hello My Friend!

edina_tien [at] yahoo [com]
Her prints are all lovely! I think my favorite is Book Lover.
manon 21 said…
je vois que tu aimes la France!

bonne année

N I C O L A said…
Thank you for visiting and leaving such a heart warming comment. What a gorgeous giveaway - I love Cassia's images - "I'll Meet You There" and "Self" are my favourites!
Rhianne said…
I love Cassia and her photography, its so hard to pick just one but my favourite is Camera collection from Lola's room :)

Great giveaway!
Anonymous said…
It's almost impossible to choose, but since I must (and as a tea addict), my favourite is "Tea Set" from the Cassia Beck shop.
i love love love "self" from LolasRoom
Jutta said…
Hi, I just found you via Cassia's blog. I love her work so much it's difficult to choose one favorite. But maybe because it's so cold and wintery outside I'd say the Shelter print. It's so warm and sunny :)
Francoise said…
Hi there!
I love the one named "Two of a Kind" ;+)
lejardengirl said…
most amazing images...i love "happy"
from lola's room
Relyn Lawson said…
Cassia Beck is so incredible. What an exciting giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win. I discovered your blog via Cassia Beck and this giveaway, and I am so glad that I did.

From Cassia Beck Shop - I adore Almost Free

From Lola's Room - I would have to think hard to choose. Either Sweet Cafe or Sewing Box. Probably Sewing Box.

They are all so wonderful. Thanks again.
Mélanie said…
Hi Lynn,
wonderful giveaways. I have to confess I love them all but as I have to choose , my favorite is :
A Love Affair Rekindled.
I wish you an Happy new year , Best wishes. HOw was Vegas ?
Cynthia said…
I love ice cream and pinwheel...although they all are great.

Thanks for the terrific giveaway.
Gemma said…
They are all beautiful! I love "The Wind in My Hair," it reminds me of my years in London and all of the scooters parked on the street! Would be a beautiful addition to my teal blue bedroom!
taryn said…
how do i pick! i love them all! i guess i'm really a big fan of "mint".
i also love "rocker".
Hard to pick a favorite but I do love the 'happiness' spelled out with scrabble pieces!
Unknown said…
Wow! Thank you for this sharing! Beautiful works! Wonderful artist!
I love so much the photos! I can´t choose just one. I like Parisian Weekend, Magnolia, Summer, Blossom.
I think that the Paris is my favourite.
Pick me please.... :)

Take care
alee said…
Hi--I just found your blog.It is beautiful :)..Hmmm. So are Cassia's pictures! I love the footprints one, Perhaps it has somethingto do with the fact that I am stuck here in the middle of a midwest winter & dreaming of the beach :)..
tractorgirl said…
I love your palette.
From Cassia Beck this magnolia, the structure of the tree gives it strength

and from Lola's Room, this collection of books - I'm a sucker for pattern
You can contact me at my blog or my Etsy
Mmmm - very hard to pick...
My Favourite Cassia Beck Morning Light 8 x 8 and if I was to win it I'd have to get Summer 8 x 8 to match!

Fingers Crossed
74 Lime Lane said…
So hard to pick just one!
The Long Hot Summer or Shoot. They are all just beautiful.
Kelly said…
Love The Long Summer -- very evocative. Also wish I could have the pink typewriter one -- but mustn't be greedy!
Sandra said…
I love ''Brunch''. Way to go, Cassia. Thank you.
Cherie said…
Oh you're so generous Lynn, I'd be ecstatic to win any of the prints. Given a choice I'd adore Cassia Beck's 'Mangolias' please. The image immediately reminds me of the beautiful words "...and the sweet magnolias grew and grew" once recited by the gorgeous Helen Hayes. New decade Greetings to You and Yours Lynn.xo
Being Tazim said…
I love quite few...but one of the ones that struck me first is this one: Umbrella 10 x 8 Print

tazimd @ gmail . com
Harriet said…
Wow what a lovely giveaway! :)
I love the Our Song print, it's just got that edge for me, although the others are incredible too :)
Anonymous said…
What an awesome blog! can't believe i have'nt seen it before!

I love Freckles. Its just intense.
Georgie said…
So very hard to choose! But... Shelter please :)
Michele P. said…
wow, she has some awesome prints! My favorite is the Carousel one here;

micaela6955 at msn dot com
Anonymous said…
TRicky will have to be Helter Skelter though! Good memories from Brighton...Xx
Mel said…
Cassia's photographs are so inspiring, and I would love to have the Cup of Butterflies print on my wall! Thanks so much for sharing!
Dena said…
I love Magnolia and I have the perfect spot for it in my home!
Anonymous said…
The colors are so beautiful, so dreamy in there...

I pick Ice Cream from Cassia Beck Photography and Instant Dream from Lola's Room.

Apothecary Fox said…
Like most, I find it impossible to choose as I adore Cassia's work but it is Sweet Cafe that got me hooked so that is
my pic
Rose said…
This is a toughie, as I'm in love with every photo!
But narrowing it down to one.... it would have to be SweetCafe from Lola's Room.
Lyndsey said…
I found your blog following a websearch for duckegg blue in my search for complimentary decor for my new-look bedroom featuring said colour.

Cassia Beck's "Hello My Friend" would look amazing framed on my wall...whilst reminding me of my time in Nice, France *wistful* ^_^
Paula Davies said…
I love, Meet You and New Year in Paris!!! from Cassia's shop. But could go on and on. Love the collection.
What a great giveaway.
Traci Bixby said…
How will I ever choose! Love, LOVE, love Cassia's work. I think I will go with Farewell.
Susie said…
So hard to choose....but right at this moment "almost free" is speaking to me! It's been one of those days!
i love "untitled" by Cassie, the one of different flowers, in 9 squares, separated by the black. reminds me of old television screens. i love it! i love it! i love it! i normally am not a fan of photographs of flowers, but i am totally infatuated with this photo! i would consider redecorating my bedroom just to showcase it. it's beautiful!
i also am truly inspired by the "365" project. your dedication to this art is truly inspirational!

1richtungsblog said…
Just discovered your blog and pumped into a giveaway! It´s my lucky day! :)
magnolia tree and
ring ring
are my faves!
xo Anita - Austria
Momo Crafting said…
Gorgeous prints and so hard to choose but I must say that I absolutely adore Ring Ring! The vintage phone reminds me of lazy Saturdays spent at my Granmama's :)

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