Pretty Paper!

Today my friend Liz and I attended the Vintage Paper Fair in San Francisco. What fun it was! So many people collecting everything from old photos & postcards, to brochures and posters.

I bought dozens of beautiful vintage postcards from France, and old hotel postcards from the USA. I give these to each customer who purchases something from Paris Hotel Boutique. It's just a little added touch of thanks! I'm so crazy over many of these that it will be hard to part with them!

The show continues tomorrow, and I think I'm going back for more! If you're in the Bay Area, it's from 10-4, free admission.

Vintage Paper Fair
Hall of Flowers
(County Fair Bldg)
Golden Gate Park
9th & Lincoln
San Francisco, CA


C. Anne said…
How lovely, the first image looks like the hand-tinted black & white photographs that I collect from flea markets!
BonjourRomance said…
I just found you via Mandy over at a la Parisienne. These vintage postcards are so great. I'll check out your store right now, what a unique concept you have.
I'll be following from now on.

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