Cirque Decor? A New Look?

Parasol Bar Wynn Hotel; photo credit: jochibi

I just returned from Las Vegas last week. Had so much fun! One highlight was Cirque du Soleil's, LOVE. Amazing. A "must see" if you go to Vegas.

The other highlight, or shall I say, huge inspiration, was a visit to the Wynn Hotel. It got me thinking, is there possibly a new look for decor that we could call "Cirque?"

Upon entering the hotel, I had no idea of the whimsy that was awaiting me. From floating parasols to a lake of dreams, The Wynn was a treasure! This photo above is from the registration area of the hotel. Amazing tall rock crystal bird table lamps graced the counters with a circus-themed painted mural behind them.

Wynn's inspiration; 1932 Picasso painting Le Rêve

Steve Wynn, a casino/real estate developer, has been credited starting the dramatic resurgence and expansion of the Vegas strip in the 1990s. His companies built some famous resorts in Vegas such as the The Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio, Wynn and Encore.

The Parasol Bar; photo credit: cabayarea

Here's what Roger Thomas, Executive of Wynn design had to say about the Parasol installation in the Wynn: “Very early on in the resort’s design and conception, Steve gave me an assignment: His initial inspiration was the 1932 Picasso painting Le Rêve, which is French for ‘the dream.' And so he asked me, ‘How do we convey the feeling of a dream?’ Parasols are among the images I find very dreamlike—I think of Chagall and of people floating in the sky, carrying mini parasols over their heads—so I liked the idea of this ballet of parasols that both turn slowly and move up and down slowly. I often think of guests sitting at Parasol Up; they look at the parasols, and when they look back a few minutes later, they think, Have they changed? Am I dreaming?”

“I came up with their design, the whimsical shapes and colors and embroideries, by closing myself up in a room and large sheets of paper, and I put on Vivaldi and just started drawing these fanciful shapes. They took more than a year to create, and we constructed them here, just outside of Las Vegas. Ultimately I’m thrilled that they’ve become such an iconic element of the resort; they were meant to be a heart of Wynn, with a sort of pulse and movement. One of my favorite things to do is to stand off to the side and watch the reactions of our guests—they always seem entranced, and that’s really fulfilling.”

photo credit: mailgirl333

Yummy candy-colored parasols! The colors are magical at night!

photo credit: catnipmusic

Amazing colorful mosaic flooring throughout the hotel...

The Wynn Hotel reminded me a lot of the historic Cirque Room in the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco. The Cirque Room was the first bar to open in San Francisco following prohibition. It was decorated by architect Tim Pflueger in a beautiful Art Deco style with an incredible bar, and murals by the celebrated Bruton sisters. Before the Venetian Room was opened, the Cirque was the place to go for entertainment in San Francisco.

Having fun in Fairmont's Cirque Room...

Blush Lounge Wynn Hotel - photo credit: stars4esther

The Blush Lounge at the Wynn features a ceiling hung with 300 lanterns that change colors. Amazing.

Blush Lounge Wynn Hotel - photo credit: stars4esther

The Wynn Buffet

I wish I had brought my camera with me. Some of these photos are from my cell phone. Oh well. I had to share this photo of The Buffet at the Wynn. An Alice in Wonderland-evoking atrium styled with towers of fruit flowers and foliage and even some natural light. Insanely beautiful in person!

photo credit: CourtneyMay

I found the photo above on Flickr. The cabanas near the pool are very circus-like. Unfortunately the pool isn't open during the winter. But, how cute, right?

We took a little walk over to Wynn's newest hotel, The Encore. These glass peacocks
are at the entrance to the High-Limit Baccarat room. Woah!

The peacocks are created out of cast glass, with their eyes crafted in jade. Their tails are crafted out of open-work metal, accented by hundreds of Swarovski crystals that were then lit from beneath to give the tails a wonderful glow.

And finally, the Wynn Theatre at the Encore. The rotunda outside The Wynn Theater has 39 crystal-encrusted butterflies hanging from the ceiling that are covered with 8 million multi-colored gems. Unbelievable.

I love the fact that Steve Wynn thought 'out of the box' and came up with a whimsical theme like none other. Not modern. Not Hollywood Regency. Not make believe Paris. Just circus-themed whimsy. Refreshing for a change.

The Wynn Hotels just blew me away.


What a trip! Great montage - I feel like I just did a little traveling. I love the "cirque" theme idea - wonderful idea.
Oh Lynn,
You have certainly got me in the mood for when we see the Cirque du Soleil next month at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It's funny as, the ceiling in the Albert Hall is a little like the Blush Lounge at the Wynn Hotel.... and I love the parasol lights.... and that Wynn Buffet is like something out of a Tim Burton film. You would expect Johnny Depp to walk in at any moment.
Las Vegas certainly knows how to present things in such an over the top way but still managing to look out of this world.
Many thanks for showing us. It's been a few years since we have been to Las Vegas and they have got so many more hotels since we've been. I loved looking at your photos. XXXX this look and want to go just to see it "live". The cirque theme is fabulous, breathtaking actually. Don't you just love this kind of creativity? Thanks for sharing Lynn.
Tiffani said…
I absolutely adore the Wynn and Steve's creativity! Currently planning a trip to Vegas for my sister's 25th birthday and would love to stay there, however don't think the funds are going to allow it.

However I will definitely make a point of wining and dining there instead. Great pictures & post!
Keri said…
Hello Lynn, what a fabulous post. I think I'd follow you anywhere. Love, love it. I love all things black & white too. my blog is all about that. Come and see me some time. I'd be flattered to have you as a visitor/follower too. Keri
BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour Lynn,
I love the striped 'circus' cabanas and that vintage photos of the dancers. Thanks for sharing all the over the (big) top decoration with us!
lisa golightly said…
Lynn ... I took so many pictures at the Wynn ... especially LOVED those cabanas in the pool area. Dont you think the aqua one would make a good Alameda tent ? ( they wouldn't let me take it ).

Fargerike Dagny said…
How amazingly OTT! LOVE the blush lounge!!
Beautiful photo selection I love going to the Wynn, because there is so bright in there in comparison to the other hotels.

There art collection was very nice as well.
ceecee said…
Wow! I've never, ever wanted to Vegas, but the Wynn Hotel may have changed my mind. Thanks for the great post.


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