Thank you and Dungeness Crab...

It's been one of those dreary days outside, putting me into one of those "deep thinking" modes. I think you can relate to this kind of day. The kind when something is just gnawing at you.

I was pondering...what is happening to the Art of Gratitude? The lost art of letter writing? If a gift is given, or a kind act is bestowed, isn't it important to recognize the thoughtfulness of the giver with a short note of appreciation, or at the very least, a phone call or email?

One of my favorite stories is about a family friend, (let's call her "Mildred"), sending fresh Dungeness crab every year to some members of my family back east (let's call them "the Smiths"). Every year it was the same, Mildred sent the box of fresh crab and never received a thank you or acknowledgment from the Smiths. Year after year Mildred wondered if the Smiths had received the crab. When finally asked by another family member, Mrs. Smith replied, "If someone gives something with the expectation of a thank you, they shouldn't give it. I just don't have the time to reply. We have such a busy life." Well, I hope you know how the story ends. Mildred never sent the crab again.

Perhaps I'm from an older generation that were taught since childhood to send thank you notes for gifts we received, or call someone to thank them for the dinner party we attended the previous night. I still think it's the right thing to do. It only takes a moment. And, how many times do we get disappointed when someone doesn't acknowledge something we've done, even though we're not doing it to get something back in return?

Okay, I'll get off of my soap box now. Promise. Let me sign off by giving you a BIG THANK YOU for reading my blog, leaving comments when I may not have time to reciprocate (I hope I'm not sounding like Mrs. Smith), and sharing your stories. I'm already starting to feel brighter!

Have a great weekend!

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Cathi said…
I totally agree with you...that is one thing that I have always instilled (or drilled, is more like it...)in my children - is to be thankful and timely in thanking people for their kind gifts and gestures. It only takes a few moments to do so and is very much appreciated...!! Great post and a happy happy weekend to you! :)
FrenchBlue said…

You know I am right beside you on this one!

Though I do agree a gift should be given without expectation.

A Merci Beaucoup is so simple today either by phone, a note, a quick sweet email or even a comment SO matters.

Don't stop giving, this is one of your greatest gifts and greatest joys~

vicki archer said…
One word Lynn...thank you (actually two!) I agree totally - thank you is the easiest thing to say and so important. Great thoughts and happy weekend, xv.
Dear Lynn,
I did send you an email to thank you for my giveaway win, didn't I ? haha.
I do agree with you although, I think that it is defeating the object a bit , when we MAKE our children send them. Shouldn't they be doing it because THEY want too ? I know that we have to teach them to thank someone who has been kind enough to send them a gift but not to force them. It doesn't have any meaning.
One of the reasons I like a 'thank-you' is to know that they have received it. I was taught as a child to send thank you's and I have taught my children to do the same and, because of modern technology like texts and emails, there should be no excuse for not sending a little thank you. XXXX
C. Anne said…
Definitely! 'Busy' should never be an excuse. If they weren't too busy to enjoy the crabs, they definitely weren't too busy to call and say Thank You! Ok, I meant that in the general sense as well...just can't seem to get my mind off crabs now:)

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