New Arrivals at Paris Hotel Boutique!

Today's the day! Over 65 new arrivals have just been added to Paris Hotel Boutique. Some highlights include:

* Mid Century Cased Glass Pendant Chandelier

* 19th Century Cast Iron Sign

* European Beaded Chandeliers

* Assorted Vintage Bus Signs; Boston, Connecticut, London

* Early French Character Menus

* Victorian Watch Chain/Fob Jewelry

* Large Collection of Grace Line Silver and much more!


Oooohh I can't wait to see and am coming right over! I got your newsletter about the Turquoise and die for it too!
WHOA!!!! I think I just got drool all over my keyboard!!!
savvycityfarmer said…

I'll take one of each
Ali said…
You have found some beautiful things Lynn.
I love the bus signs. XXXX
Laurie Blaswich said…
My friend just turned me on to your site !!! I just love it!!
Can't wait to keep in touch. Please stop by and visit me sometime.
I always love seeing whats new in inventory... you have a great eye for finding fab finds!!
Love your main website- the look is fabulous... and of course your items for sale or beautiful.

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