Anthropologie goes Cirque!

I was so excited to go to my mailbox today and find the February Anthropologie catalog. Always a treat! I'm going crazy over it since it's a circus theme. I recently blogged about the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas "Cirque" decor, now here it is in Anthropologie, but with apparel. What a brilliant team of people at Anthro. Always in for a surprise and never disappoints!

the catalog cover -- LOVE it!

Looks like stripes are back, and ruffles are here to stay for awhile with these fun tops...

Whimsical shoes with names like, 'Intermission Heels', 'Acrobatic Wedges', and 'Come One Come All', it's sounding like a circus!

Love the "Santa Clara Clutch." Painted ponies spin 'round and 'round atop this slim leather purse, inviting you to store tickets stubs and circus peanuts in its confines.

So stop clowning around and go visit The Greatest Show on Earth at Anthropologie! See the entire line of new arrivals and even flip through the catalog!

photos from Anthropologie


Love that store! It satisfies all the things I like...clothes with whimsy, art and great atmosphere!

FrenchBlue said…

LOVE that clutch too!

It is all SO SO whimsical~~

Bye! We are off in 30 mins. Off to the BIG WHITE MONSTER that I am going to pretend is a BIG WHITE CAKE! Uh Uh Uh! Maybe the tents will have pink and white stripes!!

Cashon&Co said…
Love that clutch. They always have the best window displays too. I live a stones throw away from an Anthropolgie and get to see it every day. What a great store. I am addicted to their aprons/kitchen towels.
DolceDreams said…
They are amazing, their catalogs...I'm off to see it on-line, no idea why I didn't get one...
Thanks for sharing,
Unknown said…
I must have that issue! It's been too long since I received their catalog. Thanks for the reminder! Serenties
Unknown said…
love this post- am a huge fan of Anthroplogie, the Boston store is must must see when in the city- had not recieved my catalog yet, seeing it through your talented eyes is even better,
wonderful as always- off to run away to the circus...

melissa davis said…
Oh, I am a circus freak!!! {Okay, maybe not an ACTUAL circus freak, but you know what I mean!!} How did I not get this catalog yet? Love, love, love!! Thanks for sharing Lynn!!
My catalog just arrived on Saturday, so you should be getting yours soon. Went there yesterday and went crazy!!!
Very nice pics... whimsical and funny!

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