Insanely Fun Pillows!

So... I'm reading The Bedlam of Beefy's blog (aka Uncle Beefy), and I stumble upon these whimsical pillows from Bonjour Mon Coussin. Stopped me in my tracks! Leave it to the French to create something so fun. Wish I had a spot for one.

You have the "yummy theme" series...
The "type theme" series...
The "vintage theme" series...
And so much more! Check out their site here for all of their designs...


Kirsten Steen said…
Oh me oh my! These are great! May have to look these up! Thanks for bringing them to our attention!!
Bon Mercredi!
lisa golightly said…
Very clever. Off to check out the rest !

Great minds must think alike!! :)

I was planning to carry this in my shop and cannot wait to stock them!

Hope you are well! :)

So sweet! I'll check them out right away! You always have the best stuff! Hope to see you while I'm here! xoc
I've seen these before, Lynn and my favourites are the type theme.
There are so many beautiful things around nowadays, aren't there ? XXXX
Very cute! and also very different, never seen any like them.
Unknown said…
oh how wonderful, each one. But the nougat pillow -o la la! Makes me just smile, also makes me want to eat candies, smile,

Unknown said…
Those are delightful Lynn! I love the Paris Delight pillow. So fun! I'm off to check out the rest.
These pillows are adorable. So much fun and would add a touch of whimsy to any home!

Di Overton said…
Good enough to eat some of them
Cashon&Co said…
So adorable! The nougat ones are precious. You always find the neatest things

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