Ha Ha! Surprise! I'm dating myself, but did any of you use to paint rocks in the 19**'s? I stumbled upon these going through my grandmother's house, and I can honestly say that art was not, and is still not one of my strong suits!

Look at this pretty rock (above) that my cousin painted. Now there's some talent.

So... no more lady bugs, feet or finger rock painting for me. That career is way over!

photo credit: me. If you must, feel free to share on any site you'd like.


No, I never painted rocks but am surprised as I did do a hippie girl thing for a few years (back in the day!)and this does look somewhat hippy as I remember it. Yours are adorable and your grandmother musted haveloved you to bits to keep all these. i think they would be fun to do, when I need a destress activity.
FrenchBlue said…
Yummm.... i think they look like candy! i want that one that says "don't bug me". I used to collect ladybugs and paint them on rocks too!
Oh, Lynn,
I love your painted rocks. Your cousins might be pretty but, it's not a patch on your 'finger' !!
I don't remember doing it (and I am of a similar age, older probably!) but I can remember my children doing them. Also, your cousin only gave your Grandmother one...look how many you gave her!! XXXX
Anonymous said…
This cracks me up! Totally remember this activity. I don't think any of mine lasted however. I'm with French Blue - Don't Bug Me is the BEST! :-)

lisa golightly said…
OMG these are such a blast for my past too ! Used to load painted rocks in my wagon and sold them door to door. These are so sweet.

froogal said…
I am sorry to disagree with the "no art talent" comment. I would buy the whole lot from you in a heart beat and displat them as is...I adore them!
Cathi said…
I was your typical early 70's hippie that painted rocks too...I think my mom still has one that I made for memory that I had forgotten..thanks! :)

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