The Most Beautiful Jewelry Store in the World

I just love vintage postcards. Especially the brilliant old linen ones. There's nothing like the old color and detail of these cards.

I recently purchased this postcard at the Vintage Paper Faire in San Francisco. It was from "A. Andrews' Diamond Palace" in San Francisco, a shop that existed turn of the 19th century. As far as postcards go, it was sort of on the costly side, but it's just beautiful.

From here. "Like the fine diamonds and beautiful pocket watches he sold, his store was no less spectacular. Located at 50 Kearny Street, a landmark was built. Beautiful paintings adorned the tall ceilings supported by marvelous pillars. Mirrors were everywhere, reflecting the elegance of the display cases that were filled with only the finest articles of adornment that had been procured form the four corners of the world."

Wish there was a diamond palace like this now!


Kimberly said…
Really beautiful. I love these old cards too. I have recently found your blog and have added it to my sidebar so I don't miss anything!
Anonymous said…
OMG. This is the most amazing image...wonder what the interior of 50 Kearny looks like now and if any vestiges of the architecture remain? I could spend my life among these sparkles (as you know!) Thanks for sharing!
Cashon&Co said…
I am totally speechless. I hope it's not sac-religious to say this, but I think when I die and go to Heaven this is what it must look like. I'm serious.
Beautifully50 said…
Wow - truly beautiful! Wish it was still around. Love your blog and vintage finds. Impeccable taste.
Thanks for the beautiful images.
Wow! Love looking at old photo's like that. Thanks for sharing it!
La Petite Plume said…
Your Majesty,

I love love this post card! I wish I could just be in the card! Merci for sharing:))

Royal wishes,
La Dolfina said…
How is it possible that it's not there anymore?
Sensational! It is gorgeous. Thanks for giving out.

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