Are We Still Hip?

Last night I had dinner with a lovely group of impressive, trend-setting bloggers. At some point in the evening I looked around the table and realized that everyone at the table was in their 20's and 30's. Bright, successful, fun and happening ladies. Then it just hit me like a bolt of lightning. I realized that I could have been their mother.

Where did the time go?
30 years ago I had a 9 year banking career, then an 8 year career working for a blues musician, and some time in the middle of that I started selling antiques -- 15 years ago. I wore the mini-skirts, hung out all night at blues clubs, hob-knobbed with celebrities, and immensely enjoyed those years. Now it's their turn.

I'm not saying that it's over at 40 or 50 or 60 years old. Quite the contrary. We "baby boomers" are keeping up with the times with blogging, websites, Facebook, Twitter...whatever is thrown our way. We have the experience behind us to move ahead to a whole new chapter of great things and live our lives in a most meaningful way.

I guess I'm just starting to realize that 50 years fly by so quickly and suddenly it's all different. I can no longer buy the clothing featured in Lucky or InStyle magazine. Well, I could, but let's just say, it wouldn't be pretty. I get tired really early. When did that happen? Even a simple dinner out with fellow bloggers requires a bit of energy.

Suddenly I'm shopping at those "older lady" boutiques that I used to quickly pass by. Strolling through stores like J. Jill. Reading magazines like More. Conversations with girlfriends are about hot flashes and anti-wrinkle creams. Who would have thunk?

When I was in my 20's or 30's I certainly didn't want to hang out with my aunts or my mom's friends. I'm wondering, do you think that we "baby-boomers" seem hip and relevant to the younger crowd? Is that even important?

I think the reality of age is finally starting to set in. But, I'm gonna keep on truckin,' schlepping those antiques and embrace the lovely age of 50!

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Sarsaparilla said…
Lynn, I'm with you. Where did the years go? It seems that most of the women I work with, or am blogging friends with, are women who are my children's age or just a bit older. Often it seems completely natural - but sometimes it can make me feel incredibly old!

My own children would laugh if I asked them that question - Am I Still Hip? They'd say - Mom, you never were!

I'll be interested to read the comments that come in.
- Susan
FrenchBlue said…
I am not sure WE are but I know You are Now not Later!!
24 Corners said…
Oh this cracked me up! You did a fabulous job expressing how I'm starting to feel...smack dab in the middle of the forties and the "I'm not as hip as I used to be" is starting to creep in, and I don't even want to be that kind of hip really, just semi hip...and, I think I need that dress from the Christmas picture...with the tinsel *that's Hip with a capitol H!
Thanks for the great to use my wrinkle anti-cream! ;)
Oh Lynn PLEASE ~ you are only as old as you feel, and I know you can hang with the best of them! You are VERY hip and 'in the know' of all trends and what's hot or not! Those bloggers last night were lucky to have you at their table, and I just know they knew it!
I'm totally with you Lynn. It's always a shock to me to meet someone new the same age as me and think, wow! I guess I look like I'm fifty too.
This week I read a newspaper article stating that we are generation that can't see itself getting older. 50 year olds today still see themselves as 35ish.
I guess I'm more careful about how I dress but I still try to move around like I used to, I definitely make a point of taking the stairs at a run 3 steps at a time. Not necessarily the most elegant thing around but at least it keeps me supple!!
Have a great weekend
Unknown said…
I think we are hip.Youngsters these days listen to Johnny Cash ! So that says alot.Getting older is not all it's cracked up to be though. You expressed ypur thoughts on this subject so eloquently.
decoratorlb said…
Loved the pics and enjoyed this article. Keep friends young and old. They are priceless.
Me! said…
I just got home from a Grandparents' Day celebration at my four year old Grandson's preschool! {He is not the eldest either, he's actually number 3.} One of the older kids read a quote (by . . . I didn't catch whom) . . . "One minute you're just a Mother. The next minute you are all-knowing and prehistoric."
The minute Grandma was added to my resume, people definitely started tuning me out. No doubt about it. With just about anybody outside my inner circle of family and friends I have noticed that I am relevant, right up to the moment it becomes known that I am a Grandmother. As much as I hate to admit it . . . sigh . . .

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