Welcome Indian Summer!

Finally. I think.

I know most of you are saying goodbye to Summer and anxiously awaiting Fall. That's not the way our weather works here. San Francisco's worst weather is from June-August and then breaks to sunshine in September and October. I got to pull out my sandals on Tuesday and couldn't fall asleep until 3:00 am this morning because it is so hot. Or, I was having a hot flash. Or both. I'm not complaining... just a wee bit tired.

Hopefully you won't hear me blogging about the fog until next June!

Enjoy the remaining couple weeks of Summer! We're just getting started!

photo credit: sfgirlbybay


lisa golightly said…
Ha ... You'd get a kick out of what I just posted ! Hopefully this weather carries into Sunday !
Julie Leah said…
That photo is absolutely beautiful!

So glad you're getting to enjoy the sunshine now!! I'm going to be putting out my pumpkins soon!!


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