The Most Ornate Parking Garage

The former Michigan Theater in Detroit (built in 1926) is now an indoor parking garage. That's right. After a period of closures and re-openings, the Michigan Theater was permanently closed and partially demolished in 1976. Due to problems with the structural integrity of adjoining office building, the main hall and lobby were gutted and converted into a parking structure.

The ceiling is still the same, so one can get out of the car, look up and see the gorgeous inlay. Sad isn't it? I just hate to see old buildings destroyed, and yet in some way I appreciate the beauty of it.

image 1; Sean Hemmerle via Pinterest, image 2; Wikepedia


Barb said…
OMG- I grew up not too far from there and remember the theater. At least they didn't tear down the entire structure.

Have a wonderful week.
Torch Lake Prep said…
I live in the Detroit Burbs and it's so sad what has happened to some of the most architecturally spectacular bldgs.
24 Corners said…
I don't even know what to really is sad. I guess at least it's still there in part, unlike so many amazing and beautifully crafted buildings that are no longer with us.
Unknown said…
What a shame to have had to tear down such a gorgeous building. I have never seen anything like this. The parking garage is certainly something else! At least the legacy of the original building has been preserved for all of us to visit and talk about. It's just incredible.
Detroit is such a strange place. Once a great city and now in rubble. 2 months ago their train station, which is shuttered, was featured in 'preservation' magazine with some amazing photographs. Sadly, it too will likely face the same fate as this theater. I guess I can console myself that parts of it were saved and it makes for a pretty nifty garage!
Uncle Beefy said…
It's tragic and yet kind of beautiful in a way. But such a loss from its original splendor!

We had an old theatre in Seattle from the 1910's that was demolished to make way for a hotel. Much public protesting to save the building and have it incorporated into the hotel. But, it was torn down. Then the developers pulled out! And, then it sat a vacant lot for years. Tragic.

(May be down in your neck of the woods in early October!)
Thea said…
Very strange...and eerie. But I kind of like it.

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