Nicole Dextras & The Mystery Photo

Yesterday I posted another lovely photo that I had stumbled upon with no photo credit. Within two hours (wow), fellow blogger teaanddauguries replied with a link to this amazing photo. The artist is Nicole Dextras and the image is titled "Yucca Prom Dress."

Yucca Prom Dress
{Yucca Leaves and Flowers, Thorns.}

Nicole Dextras is a visual artist based in Vancouver, BC. Along with photography, book arts, and paper casting, she explores the ephemeral beauty of environmental art.

Cabbage Smock
{Red and Green Cabbages, Gunnera Leaves, Green Beans, and Thorns.}

This series is from Nicole's Ephemeral Art, Weedrobes Series -- eco-wearables made from live plant materials such as leaves, flowers and branches.

Aren't they fabulous?

Crab Apple Gown
{Crab Apples, Kale Leaves, Thorns and Hemp Thread.}

Camellia Countessa
{Camellia Flowers, Lilac Flowers, Yucca Leaves, Laurel Leaves, and Thorns}

Sunday Best
{Laurel Leaves, Rosehips, Various Leaves and Thorns.}

Skunk Cabbage slippers at the entrance to Nicole's studio (via flickr).

A big thanks to teaanddauguries for sharing this wonderful artist!

You can view more of Nicole Dextras work here on her website. Also, take a look at her wonder flickr series here.

photo credit: Nicole Dextras


FrenchBlue said…
Talk about going green! Those shoes look good enough to eat:) Healthy too!
Di Overton said…
Wouldn't you just love to go out with two cabbages on your feet? :)
Cashon&Co said…
w-w-w-w-wait...what? seriously? this is so cool! I can't even imagine how much time and thought and planning went into each of these designs. wow.

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