Nesting Newbies Issue 4 + A Fabulous Day!

The fourth issue of Nesting Newbies is now LIVE! We can finally let the cat of out of the bag. This has been hush, hush...Try keeping a dozen bloggers mouths shut for 2 months!

Earlier this summer I was delighted to attend this amazing gathering of San Francisco bloggers hosted by Nesting Newbies, a lovely online magazine based here in the Bay Area. It was held at the spectacular Fogarty Winery in Northern California and we were treated like queens.

vines at the winery...

The mountain top setting was breathtakingly beautiful!

The tabletops were styled by Lotus Bleu and food was prepared by the amazing Chef Lea. The pink and green color combo was just lovely. Fabulous online video footage accompanies the preparation of the table settings and the meals...

The bloggers hanging out for our shoot. It was so much fun to hang out with some friends and chit chat with bloggers I knew, but never met in person.

And we got to be models for a day...something I've never done before. Oh yeah, that's me in the upper right with Rebecca of Glad I knew Rebecca from before as we had to put on our "model smiles." Difficult to smile without actually talking!

The "Midsummer Mediterranean" dinner couldn't have been more divine. You must try each and every recipe of Chef Lea's!

We all oohed and aahed over the magnificent Creamy Lemon Champagne Vinaigrette. To die for! Melissa from Ruby Press said she would put this dressing on everything she eats!

Yummy chopped asparagus salad...

And who could resist Chef Lea's Bakla Pops?

If the food, wine and setting wasn't enough, amazing local shop owners donated gift bags chocked filled with goodies from Fogarty wine and macaroons, to gorgeous decorative gifts.

Be sure and check out the just-released fourth issue of Nesting Newbies here!

Meet the rest of the wonderful San Francisco bloggers, check out those divine Madeleine Weinrib rugs and cushions we're all sitting on, and try Chef Lea's recipes which will certainly inspire you!

Thanks Nesting Newbies (Jodi, Lea and staff) for a most wonderful day! It was truly one of the highlights of my Summer.

photo credits: Nesting Newbies


What a delightful gathering with a delicious location, table setting, and cuisine!

It sounds like a wonderful time!
La Dolfina said…
What a fun experience for all of you fabulous Bay Area Bloggers!!
You look gorgeous Lynn, especially in the last close-up :)
I'm going to email you about the painting...
I'm so sorry I haven't sooner, I've been completely distracted!
Barb said…
Hi Lynn,

How exciting for you. It looks like a good time was had by all. What a spectacular gathering.

Happy weekend.
Me! said…
How exciting! I can not wait to check out the article! Congratulations on being included! A highlight, indeed!

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