Labor Day: Don't Put Away That White!

Remember the old rule of not wearing white after Labor Day? Well, I don't know about you, but I love white all year long.

Heavy winter white coats, fuzzy white sweaters, cashmere scarves, white handbags...mixed in a bit with your wardrobe. It's such a "pick me up" color when the weather starts to turn, don't you think?

So, have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and keep those "winter whites" out. The heck with those silly old customs, right?

Happy Labor Day!

image: John Rawlings ~ 1950's Vogue


Sarsaparilla said…
What a stunning photo!

I agree about not paying too much attention to old customs. If you can wear black all year round - white certainly deserves the same treatment.

Happy Labor Day weekend to you too!
I'm with you sister White anytime!!!!!!!!!!Maryanne xo great Pic.
Cathi said…
Definitely! White year round for me too! Have a great weekend! :)
Thea said…
My mother always puts her white slacks away after Labor day and they don't come out until Memorial day weekend! a version of the old fashion rule, but she wears a white blouse any time of year, as well as other white accents. I think it's great that we aren't dictated by the fashion industry as much as her generation was! And I love that photo!!

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