A Peek into Pat's World

If you've ever attended the Alameda Point Antiques Faire you may have had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Pat Story. Pat and her sweet hubby Ray have been selling at "The Point" for over 10 years.

Not only is Pat one of the sweetest people in the world, she has an eye for the unique and wonderful.

Her loyal following of vendors from interior designers to shop owners patiently await for Pat to unload her truck the first Sunday of every month to see what gems she uncovers. From large funky props and garden statuary to shiny pieces of silver, her booth is just about cleaned out by the end of the day.

Pat at her happiest...selling her treasures...

More of the unexpected...this gigantic tuba!

Pat's aesthetic can be seen in her 1940's Northern California cottage-style home. A clean neutral palette of whites, infused with bits of silver, sparkle and natural elements. Not overly done and very soothing to the eye. Pat does not like clutter!

See that giant trophy cup in the background? Where does she find these unique items?

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into Pat & Ray's world.

Be sure and visit them at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire the first Sunday of every month, rain or shine. Booths number D01-02.

(And if you're a good little girl/boy, Pat will spoil you with a yummy loaf of pumpkin or banana bread during the holidays. Ssshhh...don't tell her that I'm spreading the word...)

image credit: Alameda: me; home shots; Jessica Fish


lisa golightly said…
Love her ! Thank you for a peek into her personal world ... THAT TROPHY *IM DYING !!!*
Lisa & Alfie said…
She is definitely one of my favorite stops at Alameda. I love seeing the interior of her home. Very intentional vignettes without being fussy, just classic.
Lisa & Alfie
La Dolfina said…
Thank you so much for the peek into Pat's amazing abode. No wonder she rocks at the Pointe! Her home is her stage where she can play with her amazing arrangements. She is fabulous and I really enjoyed seeing this view into her private world.
FrenchBlue said…
Pat's got the best eye of all! Every piece is special. Her house is So BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING!!!! First dibs on that trophy prop O. M. G.!!!
Nita Stacy said…
Really like her house!
Most people have too many small things on display, but here's everyhing BIG :D

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