Yes or No?

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Anonymous said…
No. Looks so odd.
BonjourRomance said…
Hmmm...I may get a sudden urge to give someone an upper-cut! Unique though!
Have a good weekend,
Jessica said…
Yes, yes, yes! I'm a huge fan of pearls and this could be gorgeous on. (But if they're faux pearls, then I think it'd be ugly. I think something trendy like this looks best in real gems.)

Enter to win an Acanthus necklace! (prize valued at $85 - 100)
Where did you ever find this????? I thought to myself "are those what I think they are????" I do admit there have been times in my life when this bit of "jewelry" could have been useful to me, HAHA Hopefully I am moving on......Interesting.... Maryanne
24 Corners said…
I'd have to say no...does that mean I'm not "hip"? ;) Are you contimplating one??

Happy weekend...
katiedid said…
Um....a very refined "brass knuckles"? Not for me thanks.

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