Beautiful Decay

Is that an oxymoron? Is there such a thing as "beautiful decay?"

Nothing pains me more than watching old buildings being demolished. Abandoned homes. Theaters. The most beautiful architecture is being replaced with, in most cases, cheesy modern structures, strip malls and the like.

So tell me, why do I see some sort of beauty in these images? Do you? Perhaps it's the photography, or is there some sort of beauty in decay?

Some of these images are from Beauty of Decay; a special photo community site dedicated to all who are addicted to urban exploration and art. Its main focus is not the location itself, but the outstanding photos.

Most of our communities have preservation groups where we can donate money or volunteer our time to protect, preserve and celebrate the beautiful workmanship of the past. Let's keep the beauty alive before it becomes decay...

Cheers to the wonderful photographers! 1. never ends 2. Rosita Moerkens 3. Roman Solowiej 4. Raymond Larose 5. Diane dc 6. Jon DeBoer 7. Daniel Cheong 8. Alain Dejealfve 9. Rosita Moerkens 10. Sven Fennema 11. antitude 12. Noel Kerns


lisa golightly said…
Absolutely gorgeous as pictures especially with the contrast of the lovely furnishings, mirror, etc. But it makes me so sad to think something that was made to last forever, as everything was back then, has been so neglected. A reminder that magnificent glamorous spaces such as these are a "thing of the past"
Daisy Reyes said…
your Majesty!!!!!

I just want to live in them!! AMAZING AMAZING article!!! yes I see all of the beauty and can just dream up all sorts of stories about what may have gone on in these buildings. who may have lived in them or traveled through them. I am a fanatic about old abandoned buildings!! bravo, well done!

Royal wishes,
La Petite Plume
I just love the pictures and I think the reason I am attracted to them and see the beauty that resides there still is because I myself am a lady of a "certain" age and am trying to find the beauty wrapped up in slightly shabby!
Have a super day...
Tina xo
Meg Mitchell said…
What glorious decay .... so soft and beautiful.
24 Corners said…
Decay is beautiful and strangely comforting...

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