I Married Adventure: the Perfume.

Elizabeth Bauer Design

I think most of us have witnessed the popularity of the vintage zebra-print book, "I Married Adventure." Osa Johnson's 1940 memoir chronicles her marriage to Martin, their life on a houseboat in Borneo, their exploits with wild animals in Kenya, and their filming expeditions in the Congo.

O Magazine

Was I surprised to open the June issue of O Magazine to see a new line of perfumes by Byredo, inspired by I Married Adventure. I love that they're styled with the vintage book!

Each fragrance comes in a 30 ml bottle and tells a unique story of a diverse origin remembering India, Africa and parts of Europe.

Vintage Girl

Who knew that this "cult-like" book would be published in almost every designer/shelter magazine this past decade. And, it's still going strong!

Lonny Magazine

House Beautiful

Decor Pad

Apartment 412

Osa & Martin Johnson

The Johnson's adventures are still being told. Osa's books prominently displayed on cocktail tables & bookshelves. Perfumes resting on vanity tables.

I bet that the Johnson's would be thrilled to know that their legacy still lives on.


Erica said…
What an awesome post. I'm going to look for those perfumes now. I was born in Kenya but had never heard of the author or the books until I read about them n your blog last year. I hunted for them and found both books for less that $15 total in a book shop in ND. Talk about luck!
FrenchBlue said…
There is only one thing I can say about this...
Cashon&Co said…
wait what? that is so cool! it' s like a secret society that i want to be a part of!
How did you happen to notice the book in all these photos? Did you go searching for them? I don't have this book and I haven't read it. I guess I'm going to have to keep an eye out for it. Thanks!
vicki archer said…
I would love to try those perfumes....must start hunting....xv
What a clever idea......and you always find them Lynn. Love the packaging and the perfume names and the book and the photos and the whole post actually. Much love XO
Unknown said…
great post! I love the book and have several copies but all the same, I did not know there was a series,
hope you liked the post with your pic- thanks again
La Dolfina said…
Wow... where have I been? I've never seen or heard of this book... now you've got me obsessing over it. I must find that book :)
Great post
Unknown said…
This is fabulous!! and all the picture with the books... love it! I now need to buy the book to red it and also use it in my coffee table!! thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a great day!

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