Antiques Still in Demand

I found this article interesting in today's New York Times. Although much of the article emphasizes "high-end" antiques for wealthier buyers, the demand for vintage is still strong. High-end antiques tend to hold their value over time.

“Kids today are buying things made of pressed cardboard imported from Thailand instead of aged wood,” he said. “A lot of young people don’t want anything older than a pizza box. But you can’t sell that cheap chain-store junk at a yard sale in two or three years, while good furniture holds its value. Good is always good.”


Unknown said…
It's true...good is always good. What an interesting article. It's nice to know that a passion for quality still exists. Lovely.
Wow, you're up late too Judith! Thanks for reading...
vicki archer said…
I agree - 'good is always good' but it is good also to have a little of what is innovative, modern and reflective of our world today - even if it doesn't last forever. xv
I love this post! And that quote "good is always good" -- that'll stick with me forever! :)

Anonymous said…
I have to agree, although Ikea and the other pressed sawdust stores are wallet friendly and hip to some, nothing can compare to the beauty of aged, wood and gilt items. Nothing.
FrenchBlue said…
True... as we have said many times to eachother, classic will always be in style.. like a stand of white pearls~

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