The Stylish Bungalow Hotel

I recently heard about the opening of the new Bungalow Hotel at the Jersey Shore. This charming 24 room luxury boutique hotel is just steps away from the ocean! (don't you just love this gigantic tulip in front of the guest room?)

This stylish hotel was designed by the talented Robert and Cortney Novogratz of Sixx Design.

They mix vintage and modern for a truly whimsical look.

Great news! Fellow blogger and shop owner, Ruth Harsham of A Beautiful Life, was recently commissioned to make 24 of her "mathematic pillows" for the Bungalow Hotel's guest rooms. How clever is that? Each pillow was done specifically for each of the guest rooms, with the number specific to each room. Of course, the hotel fanatic that I am, I rushed over to Ruth's website to buy one for myself! You can check out Ruth's pillows here on her website.

The Bungalow Hotel's rooms are oversized with king beds, flat screen tvs, ipod docking stations, kitchenettes, cafe tables, expansive window walls, and fireplaces. I'm liking this...

The hotel has 50 works of original art. Love the framed British postage stamp print and those fabulous settees!

Cocktails anyone?

Ahhh, so close to the Jersey Shore...

For more info on the Bungalow Hotel, visit their website here.


Hi Lynn!

Great post! Great pics of the hotel, too! I'm thinking that looks like THE place to have a gal blogger's "conference", don't you think?? :)

Thanks so much for sharing about our pillows and the hotel -- it's wonderful to see where the pillows will be showcased!

Unknown said…
oh, those photos of the hotel are just fanatastic! so glad you sahred them! I love the giant tulip..
Oh man, the Jersey shore never looked like that when we were kids! Spectacular!!
Unknown said…
Hi Lynn,
Wow! What a gorgeous place to rest one's head at night! Looks like a lot of fun to stay there! Great find...and those pillows are wonderful!!!
ana said…
a. said…
Wow, they've really done some amazing things with that part of NJ!
Anonymous said…
Breathtaking! What lovely decor and the pillows are such a nice touch :)
Certainly a place worth staying.
Thanks for your comments ladies. Yes, I want to see that hotel in person! I like Ruth's idea of a blogger's conference!
Salon de Sucre said…
oh my!! what a lovely hotel!! this is my favorite .. especially the pillows and the art ! thanks for sharing!
Valerie Wills Interiors said…
The picture of the Queen's head on a postage stamp is by British artist Anne Carrington - I love her work and am so pleased it was used in this space.
Valerie, thanks for the info! She is a wonderful artist!
Alkemie said…
What a Very cool hotel! I've seen that huge frame of the postage stamp with the Queen before (which I love)- I wonder where they got it.

Fab post! You know how I love those design hotels.

Karen O.

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