Paint the Town!

I just stumbled upon this fun site, Town Toiles. Their colorful toiles celebrate famous cities across America. They carry everything from fabric and wallpaper to gift items. They have a great vintage look to them, don't they?

Charleston in pretty Oyster Blue

I'm generally not a big fan of toiles, but these are very whimsical and vintage-inspired. I would love to wallpaper a small room or bathroom with one of these, such as the Charleston (above) in Oyster Blue.

San Francisco landmarks in pale blue & chocolate

Tampa in raspberry and lime green - great combo!

New York City in cream and black

Chicago in pale blue and chocolate brown

Boston in cream and wedgewood

There are other cities and color variations. You can check out Town Toile's website here.


I'm like you, I can do toile only in small doses anymore - and these selections are gorgeous!

I just gave you a blog award over on my blog, by the way.

Take care!

Unknown said…
Hi Janet, These are fantstic. What a great spin on on a classic :) You always find the best! :) I love them, I'm popping over there to see what they have for LA :)
Unknown said…
These city toiles remind me of the old Macy's bags and boxes covered with a "city scene" pattern back in the 1960's!
Shell Sherree said…
Wow, Lynn, doesn't that raspberry and lime green pop! Very refreshing. I'm still a softie for black and white/cream toile {and love it with the NY design}. Had a couple of little footstools upholstered in b&w toile some years ago and still regret reupholstering them in something else. The toile really made them special.
Stephanie said…
These are so fun!
Mélanie said…
They are so amazing ! Love them . They give a new touch to toiles
Lisette, You are so right! Exactly like those Macy’s boxes and bags...good memory!
ana said…
Love them
so pretty
Anonymous said…
Kitschy Toille...I love it!
Would like to see some more unexpected colors as well...
Thanks for the hot toille tip,

Yours Truly....Sandy
Love these toiles too!...found them a few years ago at the NY Gift Show. I think they will do custom work too.
Katie said…
I LOVE these!! so pretty and fun. Your blog is wonderful!!!

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