And the Winners Are....

Sincere thanks to all of you for your participation in the Etiquette Giveaway.

I enjoyed your wonderful comments, and your reciprocal blogs posts were greatly appreciated. I will be posting about your etiquette tips real soon!

A click at selected the winners...

1st Prize - Bonjour Madam (Vintage Etiquette Books)

2nd Prize - Brayton Home Interiors (G. Lalo writing tablet with matching envelopes)

Thanks again!!

Photo credit, Tom Palumbo


Stephanie said…
I'm so excited! Thank you so much. I just emailed my info to you.

Yay for you, Stephanie! :)

I'm three posts away from 100 posts, and that calls for a giveaway, don't you think?? :)

Congratulations on your prize!!

Anonymous said…
Hooray for the winners!!!
Unknown said…
Oh my, am I lucky -I so love the beautiful stationary. Thank you so much for your generous give away.!

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