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There are so many great books from The Little Bookroom, that I had to do another post. They have so many fun titles covering major cities and aren't the covers so cute? This one above, Chic Shopping Paris, by Rebecca Magniant, shares the "creme de la creme" of her favorite Parisian shops...

In Jamie Cahill's, The Patisseries of Paris, you’ll discover what time of day Parisians in the know get items as they come out of the oven, where to find the best tea salons, chocolatiers, ice cream parlors and more!

In Paris: Made by Hand, stylist Pia Jane Bijkerk showcases more than 50 shops in Paris that embody the spirit of fait main (made by hand), where you’ll find the most original and creative clothing, jewelry, handbags, ceramics, home furnishings, and decorative objects in Paris.

The Flea Markets of France by Sandy Price is an invaluable guide for experienced and first-time flea marketers. She provides everything from tips on bargaining to where to find particular items.

If you're looking for a fabulous brasserie in Paris, Francois Thomazeau provides a wonderful guide in The Brasseries of Paris.

There are many, many great books available at The Little Bookroom! Not just on France, but Italy, the UK, New York and more.

AND during the month of May they are offering 30% off on all Paris guidebooks! I just had to share these with you. See all of the titles here.


Anonymous said…
Oh dear, this website is nothing less than lovely! Once again, thank you for sharing this link :)
Thanks Berlin. I's making me crazy!
Barb said…
Hi Lynn,

We are on the same wavelength. I did a post about The Flea market book and another you might enjoy.
Now, I want the others!

C. Anne said…
I just popped over and ordered 4 books! thanks for the note about the sale, will be waiting eagerly for the package to arrive now.
FrenchBlue said…
SO Cute!! Thanks for the info..I will go check it out sooner than later:) Uh Uh Uh~ Great post!
Barb, I just took a look at your post. Okay, now I may have to spring for the two other books. We should all just start a book-swapping club. But really, these are just so cute sitting on top of a table.

C...Wow! I'm thrilled that you bought 4 books! We can all share stories when we get them. Thanks again for visiting my blog!

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