The Best Vintage, Antique & Collectible Shops in Paris

Thanks to Courtney at Style Court for her recent post about this fabulous new book, "The Best Vintage, Antique & Collectible Shops in Paris." This small paperback book by Edith Pauly is a wonderful guide to finding the most unique vintage items in Paris. It showcases 58 eclectic shops, as well as the Porte de Vanves and Clignancourt flea markets.

Whatever you're looking for, this little book has beautiful colored photos of curiosities; garden ornaments, mid-century Scandinavian vases, Grand Tour luggage, monogrammed linen sheets, a train-station clock, textiles, silver, old postcards, child-sized Thonet furniture...

The author describes it best, "Antiques aficionados and rummagers of every stripe: call to mind dimly lit attics, trunks smelling of old leather, dusty cartons, and that indescribable tingle of suspense aroused by the idea of a hidden prize which has been lying there, biding its time, waiting for you to find it."

You can purchase the book for under $14 here on the The Little Bookroom site, who incidentally, has the cutest books. I'm off to buy a copy right now. Can't wait!


Kirsten Steen said…
Great book! Will have to get my hands on that before my next trip!
Thanks for the tip!
Noel Solomon said…
This looks like a must have book! Just by seeing your photos I could look through it for days!
Di Overton said…
I love to fall across these shops by accident though this book could save shoe leather.
I am addict for Little Book Room books!! My friend Rebecca also wrote their book Chic Shopping Paris - another must read!! My amazon order list keeps getting longer!
Antiques Diva - That's so neat about your friend writing the Chic Shopping Paris book. Love that cover...haven't purchased the book yet. I think I'm going to blog about that as well.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing such a lovely book and great link :)

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