Hotel Vertigo

Many of you are familiar with Alfred Hitchcock's classic film, Vertigo, that was filmed in San Francisco. I was just reading Karen at Alkemie's post about the Personality Hotels, a chain of boutique hotels in San Francisco. This Hotel Vertigo caught my eye with its wonderful color palette and design.

This room above is the "Hitchcock Suite." DON'T BE SCARED!

Formerly the York Hotel, the hotel was refurbished in 2008 and named the Hotel Vertigo. It features luxury amenities that make a playful nod toward the Hitchcock film. White and tangerine-colored thread-count sheets, plush beds with white leather headboards. Love the colors. So sleek!

I'm going crazy over these custom tangerine wingback chairs that display the Vertigo name. These could look great in my house.

The white and orange color palette looks great. Loving these horse head lamps!

If anyone has stayed here, I'd love to hear your opinion on it. Looks like a great boutique hotel.

Hotel Vertigo
940 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA 94109


ana said…
Great tip for staying in San Francisco :)
FrenchBlue said…
Hey, I know...let's go there and steal one of those orange chairs! One for you and one for me!
Lucys Lounge said…
beautiful hotel thank you for sharing
Beautiful hotel that I will definitely reserve for guests who visit us in San Francisco.
Unknown said…
oh don't say vertigo - I have it now with allergies- lol- Love the tangerine chairs!!!
Alkemie said…
Where did you find the fantastic photos up top! Isn't it a cool hotel? Certainly one that tops your standard hotel designs :) Thanks for the shout out too.

Karen O.
Shell Sherree said…
Oh, those chairs, yes! {Though I'll be happy to pinch the white bag if you and FrenchBlue don't have enough arms to take it with you.}
Lisa & Alfie said…
Those chairs would be perfect in your house Lynn!
Lisa & Alfie
FrenchBlue: I could see you trying to carry a chair out!

Shell: I love the bag too!!

Brayston: Hope you feel better!

Lisa: I'd have to get rid of the lady in yellow though...
A Gift Wrapped Life said…
I certainly should have said hello before now, it seems we have many blogger friends in common. A reader asked if we had coordinated our posts today and so I came to see what she meant. It certainly looks like we were on the same blog page. Your post is gorgeous! I was so into the Hermes box regift that I made this Monday's post about melon orange....I think I am done now though-lol! Lovely to meet you finally and love your blog.
A Gift Wrapped Life
Di Overton said…
Looks like it could be owned by Hermes
Unknown said…
Thank you for featuring our fabulous new hotel in SF! Follow us on twitter :)

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